Top 5 Iconic Logos and their Legendary Designers

By Michael Baker , Oct 5 2011
Iconic Logos

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Have you ever wondered who is behind the FedEx logo design? What about Apple or the famous Google logo? Being in the logo design industry, it’s important for designers to know a bit of history too. So today’s post will be kind of a history lesson.

Here’s a look at the top five iconic logos and their designers who have given the world not just logos but brand identities.

1. Google Logo Design by Ruth Kedar

Google’s logo is not just a logo; it’s a representation of their impact across the Internet. It was designed by Ruth Kedar, a student of architecture from Israel. Later she received a Masters Degree in design from Stanford University.

Google Logo Design, Ruth Kedar, logo

Though Ruth designed the Google logo design in later life, her earlier association had been with Adobe Systems. She is also known for designing the award winning Analog Deck and Duolog Deck, a promotional deck of playing cards. Being a recipient of a number of design awards, her art work is an inspiration for designers worldwide.

2. Nike Logo Design by Carolyn Davidson

Another woman to has designed one of the most popular logos in the world is Caroyln Davidson. Nike, the company known more by its swish mark image rather than by its name, is the leading sports accessories manufacturer.

Nike Logo Design, Carolyn Davidson, logo

Carolyn designed the brand’s image in 1971, while she was still a student at Portland State University. She worked with the company until 1983 and retired from her professional life in 2000.

3. FedEx Logo Design by Lindon Leader

Lindon Leader of Landor Associates designed the famous FedEx brand image, which is considered as one of the top 8 best logos made during the past 4 decades. Designed in 1994, it has won numerous awards for its simple and yet effective image.

FedEx Logo Design, Lindon Leader, logo design

The hidden message embedded in the FedEx logo is one of the factors making it a model piece of art for logo designers.  If you observe carefully, you’ll see a small arrow between the E and X! This indicates the fast and efficient delivery system for which the company is known for in the industry.

4. Apple Logo Design by Rob Janoff

Designed in 1994, it has won numerous awards for its simple and yet effective image.

Apple Logo, Rob Janoff, logo design

Apple needs no introduction. Created in 1976 by Silicon Valley art director Rob Janoff, the logo design became popular immediately. Ever since then it has been the official representative of Apple. Rob has also worked with IBM and Intel, but of course his most honorable work is this tempting apple!

The idea behind the image is man and temptation. The bite on it is inspired from the Biblical story of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden apple. No doubt about it, Apple products sure are tempting!

5. IBM Logo Design by Paul Rand

Paul Rand is not only known for his famous IBM logo, but also for many other graphic works that he has done. He is considered the world’s best graphic designers.

IBM Logo,  Paul Rand, logo design

After passing away in 1996, he has left behind an inspiring legacy for all graphic designers. He is also known for ABC’s brand image and for Swiss Style graphic design.

There are numerous other designers who can be listed as legendary designers and we will surely cover more of them in our future posts.  But for today … that’s all folks!

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