10 Smart Ways You Can Use Blue Logos For Artificial Intelligence Companies

By Michael Baker , Feb 9 2018
Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence is the future of all technology and all industries. In the near future, AI will change the way we make our transactions, drive our cars, understand and work with medicine, and even employ design fields. This means if you are a company that deals with any sphere of Artificial Intelligence, you need to prove you have a place in the future. One way of doing this is through a strong branding through blue logos. Branding imprints a specific company image in the mind of the audience, which makes them more ready to believe in your expertise and your services. And of course, the best way to start this is with a logo.

Use Of Blue In AI Logos

Artificial Intelligence companies need to have logos that make use of sophisticated, modern fonts, unique symbols and give off a futuristic, scientific look. They also need to convey a strong sense of authority, trust, and dependability. This is why most Artificial Intelligence businesses make use of the color blue.

Blue is known to be the color of calmness. According to research, the blue color sends calming signals to the human brain –because we associate blue with the vast, calming stillness of the sky. Whenever businesses want to give a feeling of expertise, trust, reliance and confidence, they choose the color blue. However, when you work with a fixed set of colors within an industry, your designs can get a bit stale and boring. To counter this, we have compiled some amazing ideas to make your Blue AI logos look different and unique! Read on for some awesome tips!

10 Tips For Using Blue In AI Logos

1. Convertible Combination Marks

Combination marks are a category of logos which make use of symbols and text. The symbol is usually an icon which represents an important concept of the industry, while the text is often the company’s name or initials. One way of making your blue logo stand out is by using a combination mark which can be used in different ways. What does that mean? Well, what if your combination mark has the ability to exist as a pictorial mark (a logo with a symbol only) or just as a wordmark (a logo with a company name only) or even as a combination mark!

Here is an example of a great artificial intelligence company’s combination mark. The linear composition makes it easy for the logo to seamlessly split in two, to be used as a pictorial mark alone, or a wordmark. And if needed, it can be used as a whole as well!

Morpheus Labs Logo
Image Source

2. A 3D look In Blue

Most of the AI company’s aim for a flat logo. Flat design has been very popular with computer companies and IT businesses. This is because the flat design is taken as the modern, next-generation face of IT design. However, sometimes it pays well to break from the trends and look into something different. For example, your blue logo can look really different rendered in a 3D format!

In this example, the Deep Mind logo, which is the AI company acquired by Google, makes use of a 3D rendition. This gives it a very different, post-modern, sci-fi look, which is very appealing for the image of an AI company.

Deep Mind Logo
Image Source

3. Using Shades Of Blue To Create Interest

One very simple way to create interest in your AI logo is to use different shades of blue within the logo. The different shades add variation to design and keep it from looking boring. You can also differentiate the shades to look different from your competitors. This is a very simple and good technique because it allows you to still have a blue logo and yet look different just because of the nuances of color.

Here are two logos that make use of different shades of blue:

Mind Bridge Logo
Image Source

Enlitic Logo
Image Source

4. Using Blue With Yellow Or Green

Who says AI logos need to be all blue? Or Blue and black only? You can actually move away from monochrome and add a splash of yellow or green, and not only get away with it but attract attention because of it!

A dash of yellow gives energy, liveliness, and warmth to your blue design. It is also more catchy to the eye. While the blue and green combination works well to add more messages to your logo. Green is a color of richness, prosperity, and growth –all of the traits which sound great for an AI company. Green and yellow also look aesthetically pleasing with shades of blue. So go ahead and experiment with these color combinations!

Allenai Logo
Image Source

IBM Watson Logo
Image Source

5. Varying The Effect Of Blue With Use Of Grays

Speaking of color combinations that sit well with blue, gray is another great color that can work with your logo. Gray is a neutral color that helps to bring the blue out in your logo, without making it seem monochrome. It enables your logo to have variation, depth, and interest, and also appears more soothing and legible to the eye.

Brain Builders Logo
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6. Using Negative Space With Blue

And if you must stick to a blue-only AI logo, why not make use of some interesting graphic design techniques to bring a snazzy look to your design? One of the best ways of doing this is through negative space. Incorporating negative space into your logo symbol, or overall design not only makes your logo look witty but also gives your logo an airy, calming quality.

Negative Space AI Logo
Image Source

7. Blue Accents In The Logo

And sometimes you can also just stick to blue accents. If you stick to black and white as the dominant colors in the color, you can add subtle blue accents in the form of an icon or through other elements, and still have your logo give an over-all ‘blue-logo’ feel, while being different.

Madcore Logo
Image Source

8. Special Effects On A Blue Logo

You can also use many special effects in your logo. For example, how about an embossed look? An embossed look can give your logo a different feel because unlike bevel, it does not seem a typical 3D application of design. Adding such special effects can make your logo look unique.

Artificial Intelligence Logo
Image Source

9. Using Dynamic Symbols

Dynamic logos are the future of logos. These are logo icons which can be used in a variety of ways and combinations so that they appear moving, new and different every time. Dynamic logos are very different than static logos which do not change and are stagnant. And you don’t always need to animate your logo for it to become a dynamic logo. In fact, you can use geometric shapes and designs which can be arranged in a variety of ways and act in a dynamic way. For example, such shapes are perfect for dynamic designs:

Dynamic Design
Image Source

Artificial Intelligence Symbols

Here is an example of an Artificial Intelligence logo icon which has the ability to be a dynamic logo.

Neurocurious Logo
Image Source

10. Using Unique Symbols

AI logos make use of some typical symbols such as brains, circuits, the eye etc. However, you can create a unique blue logo by going for a different symbol. In this logo, the company makes use of the same chopped up circuit/networking prisms used in AI symbols, but instead of using it in the shape of a brain or a circuit, they have made it into the shape of an eagle. It looks different and appealing!

Brennus Analytics Logo
Image Source

These were some of the ways you can make your AI logos look different. Keep them blue and smart and they are sure to stand out!

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