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IT Company Logo Design Trends to be Careful of

Trends, especially those falling in the category of fads, come and go too frequently but the identity symbol of your IT company is timeless. Nowadays, most companies and designers rely on trends, forgetting the fact that trends come and go while brand identities last for years to come. So, does that mean you should not use design trends at all? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Trends won't usually last for long

Trends are usually born with a short life span, some of them are so weak that they can even vanish in a year. If you rely on these trends to create a brand identity for your IT company, you will be down for sure. Good designers truly understand the importance of creating original and classic symbols but if you are working with a new designer, they are more likely to use trends in their designs. Don't forget to approve the concepts before you start working on the final solution.

Which Trends Should Be Followed?

Design trends are not bad if you know how to use them. Keeping up with the current design trends of your industry can give you an idea of what you should add to your design. Being creative is what counts the most and looking at trends is a good way to play with your imagination. Also, some design trends are here to last for a somewhat longer time, say at least a few years. They even have the potential of becoming permanent and timeless. If you are working with experienced designers, they would be able to identify such trends. Using them can help you create a truly unique brand symbol for your company , provided that you trust your designer and are willing to take the risk.

Consider Your Needs Before Trends

When you think about getting a unique brand identity design for your company, you definitely have some needs to meet. These needs should always be given precedence over trends. While a trendy logo might look good, it would not always be the best representative of your company. The best time to rely on trends is when you are getting a logo created for a web-only application but when you are looking for a brand symbol that people worldwide can relate with your company, you need something more solid and timelessly classic. If your designer seems too keen on using trend elements, make it clear that you want a long-lasting design.

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wordmark in circle logo for technology company
abstract globe logo for technology company

The Risk Of Trendy Logos

If you are making a logo design that is too trendy, you are taking a huge risk. In a few years when these design trends are not in use, you will have to change the identity design of your IT company in order to keep it effective. This is going to be an entirely tiresome process, which can ruin your brand image and hurt your customer base. Having to change a logo when people are finally recognizing and recalling it is the worst thing that can happen to your company. Bringing in a new design at such a time would mean redesigning your entire brand image from the scratch, which will take a lot of time, efforts and money. Therefore, it is much more advisable to avoid the risk altogether.

Keep In Mind

The main thing you need to remember is that "trends come and go while logos have to stay". You and your designer should be wise enough to see trends for what they really are. They are good for inspiration but not for replicating. If you want to associate your IT company with something more worthy, go beyond current trends and look for something classic, timeless and simple. If a latest trend does not meet your needs, ignore it. Relying too much on the present trends will have you end up with a failed design a few years down the road. Identify trends that will last longer than usual and use them in your designs to create a unique solution.

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