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ClientShare Contests

Helping you use ZillionDesigns design services, without the ZillionDesigns brand name.

ClientShare is a FREE feature now available to contest holders on ZillionDesigns! This feature was developed to let contest holders privately share design contests with their clients or others, all while using ZillionDesigns to develop great designs.

What will this cost me?

Nothing! It's FREE for every ZillionDesigns contest holder.

How does it work?

Before you can use the ClientShare feature your design contest must have drafts. It must be an active contest or be finished and in the locked and deciding phase. A unique URL is generated for you and can be shared with clients or others. The URL does not have the ZillionDesigns name or any identifiers that would lead anyone back to your ZillionDesigns design contest.

What will others see if they use my unique URL?

They will only see design drafts and a customized logo and header. You, the contest holder, can customize the header of the page by adding your company name, logo, description or you can leave it blank. The ZillionDesigns name and logo will not appear anywhere. Your clients will not see any of your general comments, private messages, your star ratings or eliminated drafts.

Will the unique URL site allow feedback from others?

Yes! Anyone who views the ClientShare URL can rate the designs by a 1 to 5 star rating. They can also post comments at the bottom of the page. These comments and ratings will only be available to you – they will not appear on the actual design contest in ZillionDesigns.

I‘m concerned about privacy with my unique URL.

We've got that covered. You can create and delete unique ClientShare URLs as many times as you want.

Where can I find this feature?

Login to and go to the "My Contests" link in right side bar. On the top side bar you will see the "ClientShare" icon. For more detailed instructions, watch our how-to video below!

ClientShare How-To Video

This video is going to give you the inside edition on how to use the ClientShare feature at ZillionDesigns!