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21st transportation company


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Marketing collateral vield All design entries are veiled from other designers till the end of the contest.

Project: 21st transportation company
Industry: Transportation
Contest Launched: Mar 31, 2015
Selected: 1 winning design from 51 concepts
Winning Design by: pivotal
Close Date: Apr 14, 2015

21st transportation company  - Transportation

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RubyRide Marketing collateral  Draft # 51 by FEGHDD


RubyRide Marketing collateral  Draft # 47 by FEGHDD


RubyRide Marketing collateral  Draft # 46 by FEGHDD


RubyRide Marketing collateral  Draft # 18 by Kaiza

Creative Brief

21st transportation company


Cars you love. Drivers you know. Service you trust.

3 Main Topics:
Company Overview
- Founded in Downtown Phoenix, November 2013
- RubyRide is designed to service low to mid density cities
- RubyRide offers passport and personalized plans in Arizona’s major cities; such as unlimited rides for a set price within your city zones.
- RubyRide allows you to pay once a month for unlimited rides, no monthly fees, no pay per ride, you never have to worry about how much it will cost.
- Our friendly drivers are background checked and drug tested to make sure you’re always safe
- RubyRide owns and insures all of our gas efficient cars, providing you with a safe, comfortable, and efficient ride

Service Types
- Passport plans, unlimited ride access within your city zone to enjoy everything your city has to offer
- Personalized plans, need to get all around the valley we will offer a personalize plan for you to travel needs
- Business plans, provides the customization your company needs to travel around the valley

How we are different (build out a cross comparison i.e, lyft, rubyride)
Here is a graph example with some data but don’t want exact wording or format used. Graph can change based on what works with the design.


Persona Type/Who is using RubyRide:: -K-12, College/University students
Service Examples: Carpooling, college students groceries, date nights, family outings etc.
Why use a RubyRide? Drivers Back round checked/substance screened, WIFI in the cars to do homework, cars are insured and company owned, families can split plans to carpool kids, etc.

-Persona Type/Who is using RubyRide Businessmen
Service Examples: Driving the everyday worker to and from the office, with wifi in the cars they are able to work while commuting. Instead of never being able to do stuff during rush hour they can now work. Because you don't pay per trip you never have to worry about paying extra when traveling during peak commuter hours.

Persona Type/Who is using RubyRide: Ages 65+, people who cannot or who don’t want to drive but want travel around their communities, can be purchased for a loved one or can be shared with a friend Service Examples: taking users to the grocery store, to their appointments, and to visit friends in their community etc.
Persona Type/Who is using RubyRide: medical, colleges/universities, organizations, and general businesses
Service Examples: medical transportation for patients, community transportation, and customer and employee transportation etc.

Use RubyRide logo (www.rubyride.co)

Design Request:
-NO small flyer or small tri-fold design
-Preferred : Bi-Fold design (something that can be opened like a book)

Front Page: Open to design ideas, make sure RubyRide logo is displayed w/ contact info

1. Company Overview
2. Service Types (ideal if you can plug in a stock photo of different personas ie: senior, youth, family, business photo per service type)
3. How we are different (suggestion: create a graph that shows competitors and RubyRide service comparison, check mark boxes)

Back: Company information/Social Media
Twitter: @RideRuby
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RubyRides
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ruby-ride

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  • April 1, 2015 2:15 PM
    avatar jehanse2
    Project Holder
    Keep the ideas coming! Great concepts so far...

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  • March 31, 2015 8:58 PM
    avatar jehanse2
    Project Holder
    Hello designers! We here at RubyRide are looking forward to the designs that come in. Feel free to direct any inquiries back. Visit our social media sites for inspiration:


    Please note we are looking for an all in one collateral piece that houses our service, company overview, etc.

    The theme for this piece is preferred to be professional but not business "stuffy". We want something that is user friendly to navigate through and gets the point across that we are a customer driven company that is all inclusive for any transportation needs regardless if you are young or older.

    **Tip: RubyRide name came as inspiration from the movie the Wizard of Oz "Tap tap tap and you're there" is one of our company tag lines.

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