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Book Cover for cookbook "If Only My Dog Could Cook"

"the Liberating World of Freezer Friendly Cooking"

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Project: Book Cover for cookbook "If Only My Dog Could Cook"
Industry: Education
Contest Launched: Oct 2, 2012
Selected: 1 winning design from 16 concepts
Winning Design by: strictly4U
Close Date: Oct 10, 2012

Book Cover for cookbook "If Only My Dog Could Cook" - Education

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Creative Brief

Book Cover for cookbook "If Only My Dog Could Cook"

"the Liberating World of Freezer Friendly Cooking"

I must say that I am excited about this project. I have worked on 2 other projects via logo guru and the pool of talent is phenomenal with the artists courteous and accommodating!
The file I have downloaded is “Chef Pooch” (one of the 2 projects I had done by an artist at logo guru). Chef Pooch is the main character of my cookbook.
I would please like some samples of her on the cover and some without.
The title of the book is: “If Only My Dog Could Cook. The Liberating World of Freezer Friendly Cooking”. I would please like a sample of the text “If Only My Dog Could Cook.” rounded around the top of the Chef Pooch graphic and another sample with it straight across. I do not want the name “Chef Pooch” on the cover of the book. I would please like the text “The Liberating World of Freezer Friendly Cooking” rounded under and then a sample straight under the Chef Pooch graphic in addition to the “If Only My Dog Could Cook” text.
I want the feel of the book to be fun and light. I also prefer 50’s looking utensils, appliances etc. versus 21st century. Really I am open to whatever will inspire people to purchase the book!
Also on the cover please place author name;
Susan M. Vullo, Super Supper Savers’ Founder
Lastly to really get a feel for what the book is trying to convey please visit www.supersuppersavers.com where you will see “The top 10 Reasons why I say to myself “If Only My Dog Could Cook”. Thank you in advance for your effort in bringing this project to fruition! I hope you have fun with it!


Any adult who cooks or eats!

Please see details

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