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Brochure for a medical management company

J&T medical management services, LLC

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Project: Brochure for a medical management company
Industry: Health
Contest Launched: Nov 17, 2016
Selected: 1 winning design from 39 concepts
Winning Design by: Achiver
Close Date: Nov 22, 2016

Brochure for a medical management company  - Health

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Creative Brief

Brochure for a medical management company

J&T medical management services, LLC

sales and marketing professionals

Medical management for health centers
Sales marketing
Business development
Strategical plans

Use the below however input your own words and meaning

We believe the most successful health care organizations build their marketing programs based on a keen understanding of their customers and community, a vision for what they want to achieve, and a solid strategic plan for how they are going to get there. And our team provides the energy, experience, leadership and creativity to help you do just that.
Our full-service firm provides a wide variety of services and support:

Website Development
Does your medical practice or organization have an e-identity? For today’s tech-savvy consumers, if you don’t have a website, you simply don’t exist. Whether you are creating a new site or revamping an existing one, our team can help guide the process by crafting concise, compelling content and making design recommendations. We can work with your webmaster and designer or help you find one that can best meet your needs.
Strategic Plan Development
We will help you develop measurable objectives and creative yet practical strategies to achieve them along with a realistic timeline and budget to help you stay on track.
Social Media Strategy
The most powerful voice in healthcare now belongs to the patient. And you can amplify this voice to strengthen and grow your practice. From online communities to online video physician bios and patient testimonials, the team at Medical Marketing Inc., develops social media strategies for practices big and small and then works with a variety of partners to implement a tailor-made approach that is right for you.
Retreat Planning
You may have heard the old adage, “people support what they create.” A retreat helps to get everyone in your group on the same page – working toward the same goals and the same future. It provides you time to reflect and helps to establish clear accountabilities and timeframes within your organization. Our expert facilitators can help your group to stay focused and challenge everyone involved to rethink old ways to meet changing demands and expectations.
Referral Physician Relations
Effective medical organizations initiate, develop and nurture strong, healthy relationships with potential referral sources. We can assist you with creative, proven techniques to build your referral network and ensure a steady stream of patients for your practice.

Positioning is communicating the right message to the right people at the right time. It is how you create an image or identity for your brand in the minds of your target markets. And we have been helping our clients do this successfully for almost three decades
Patient Service Enhancements
Health care today, including reimnursement, is increasingly about serving and satisfying patients. And today’s patients are more empowered than ever. As a result, access, availability, accountability and accommodation are the drivers of any successful health care organization. From organizational assessments and marketing audits to patient surveys, our team can help you evaluate and improve how well you are addressing your patients’ needs.
Whether you are communicating to patients or referral sources, newsletters can help to keep your customers informed and connected to your organization
Media Opportunity Enhancement
Do you have news to share? Are you the first in your community to perform a new procedure? Do you have a new service or product to introduce? We have served as a valuable resource for local and national media. And our experienced team can help you craft your message so that it tells your story, maximizing your exposure and positioning you as a medical leader.

Marketing Plans/Plans of Action
Plot your path to achieve your goals and stay on task. we believe in helping you create marketing and action plans that are easy to reference and update. Our goal is to provide you a practical, living tool for tracking your progress -- not reams of paper that will sit on a shelf.
Direct Mail
Whether it is a personal letter or an oversized postcard, the right direct mail piece can spark interest, increase awareness and compel action. Our team can ensure you reach your target market with a message that motivates

Creative Ad Campaigns
Stand out from the crowd. Our creative team is skilled at marrying simple, memorable messages with striking visuals that attract attention and generate results. And we help to maximize your advertising dollar through cost effective campaigns in the best targeted mediums – whether it be print, radio or television – to reach your target audience
Community Relations
Who are the people in your neighborhood and how well do they know you? In our high-tech, mass media world, We can help you maximize your opportunities for personal, “high touch” marketing. Our team will work with you to develop creative, cost effective community relations strategies that build your organization’s credibility and position you as a leader and friend in your community.
Brochures & Patient Education Materials
The materials you hand out to your patients should reflect your organization and its brand. We can help you provide professional, easy-to-reference tools that meet your patients’ needs and strengthen your relationship with them.
Your brand is your promise to deliver a health care experience for your customers that is specific and unique to your practice, organization or company. Establishing and building this brand is the first step toward successful marketing. We work closely with our clients to help them identify, define, build, communicate and manage their brands


lasik and aesthetic health centers

3-4 page brochure

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