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Coffee Label Designed for packaging

Encanto Wood Roasted Coffee

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Project: Coffee Label Designed for packagi ...
Industry: Beverages Logo
Contest Launched: Jan 20, 2014
Selected: 1 winning design from 35 concepts
Winning Design by: blythestyl
Close Date: Feb 04, 2014

Coffee Label Designed for packaging - Beverages

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Creative Brief

Coffee Label Designed for packaging

Encanto Wood Roasted Coffee

Our company's name is Encanto Wood Roasted Coffee. We are a coffee manufacturer/retailer based in Sydney. The main products we sell are coffee beans. We have a selection of custom bean blends that offer different characteristics. We also sell coffee pods (for pod machines) and drinking chocolate. We are looking to redesign our existing packaging labels, though, i still want to use my existing logo "Encanto" (see attachment) in the new design.


Cafe/restaurant business'

I want the labels to have a classy, upmarket, luxurious, elegant, stylish, professional, exclusive feel to it. I would like to see the colors gold (like logo supplied) and chocolate brown used amongst other colours. As i have different products/blends of beans, i want to distinguish each product somehow? Maybe with colour, style, font etc.The product title for this particular project is called "Premium Blend". As we wood-fire roast our beans, maybe have an abstract representation of wood, fire, wood fire, flames etc in the design if possible? I also wanted our website address on the label as well... Recap... Need to include my existing logo (see attachment) in the design. It can be reshaped to any size you see fit. Under my existing logo "Encanto", add "WOOD ROASTED COFFEE" in the same colour and style (shiny 3-D effect) as my logo. Include the product title "Premium Blend" on the label design of this project. Need my web address present... Thank you.

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