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Complete website design for a retail edible bird's nest business

Golden Phoenix Bird's Nest

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Project: Complete website design for a ret ...
Industry: Health Logo
Contest Launched: Jul 04, 2015
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Complete website design for a retail edible bird's nest business - Health

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Complete website design for a retail edible bird's nest business

Golden Phoenix Bird's Nest


About Us Golden Phoenix Bird’s Nests are 100% pure and natural edible bird’s nests from organically managed ranches using only the finest hand picked nests. Golden Phoenix Bird’s Nest is the retail brand of Wingnut Venture’s edible bird’s nest organisation. We are a family business specializing in swiftlet ranching, bird nest processing and exporting our premium house products. Our family own and operate bird’s nest houses in Malaysia and have over 20 years of experience in the industry. From humble beginnings, we now export globally with our major markets in China and the USA. We strive to create the perfect environment for the swiftlets and use only natural materials in our cleaning process without the use of chemicals or bleaching agents. This ensures that our handpicked nests which are cleaned by highly dedicated and skilled professionals are 100% organic, natural and pure. Our family values of reliability, hard work and professionalism have continued to reward not only ourselves but chiefly our customers and business partners who continue to enjoy the nutritional benefits of our great products. Quality Assurance Guaranteed to be 100% Pure Bird’s Nest, uncontaminated through organically managed Bird’s Nest Houses with the strictest processing standards in the world. The strictly enforced regulations that safeguard the quality of our products along with our additional measures ensure that consumers will experience the best quality and value from our bird’s nests. Aside from our own high values, Malaysia has the strictest regulations for employee training and hygiene standards than any other bird’s nest exporting country. Malaysia has the highest number of approved import licenses in the world for exporting directly into China despite less than 10% of world supply deriving from Malaysia. This highlights the quaity of Malaysia’s nests and processing standards. For every export a sample is taken by the Department of Veterinary Services for tests to ensure it matches these standards. From these sample tests we can confirm that our products are 100% authentic and safe to consume. We view these standards as a minimum benchmark and employ additional controls to ensure we are employing the highest hygiene and employee training standards in the industry as well as operating with the latest water filtration technology and equipment. We utilize a triple water filtration system to ensure the purest water for cleaning our nests, and it takes approximately three days to clean just one nest from raw to finished product after undergoing over 30 procedural and quality control tests. Awards and Recognition Our products have been recognized for their reliability and consistent quality by being awarded the 1Malaysia Best Brands award by the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture. We work with the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and MATRADE (Malaysia’s external trade development body) to bring our products to the world market. These organisations are tasked with promoting the finest of Malaysia’s products that adhere to the strictest quality control standards to enhance Malaysia’s reputation. Certification and Trace-ability In Malaysia we are certified by the Department of Veterinary Services in the Ministry of Agriculture and licensed to export by the Department of Malaysian Quarantine and Inspection Services. Our standards also ensure that our products have been approved to import directly into the USA where we are licensed to import by the Animal and Plant Inspection Services in the Veterinary division of the US Department of Agriculture. We are also Halal certified and ensure trace-ability, every nest can be scanned to trace it back to the name and registration number of the house where it came from and where it was processed. We guarantee that our bird’s nest are: • 100% Pure, Natural and Organic without any other ingredients • Free from all chemicals, bleaches, colourings, preservatives and adulterants • Processed using the strictest standards • Tested and certified to meet the highest standards • Officially recognized as a product that is reliable and consistently excellent • Family owned with over 20 years of experience • Fully licensed to export • Traceable • Halal

If there are stock images available for bird's nest houses in nice locations like paddy fields or for laboratory testing that would be useful. Potential Layout: Pages: 1. Homepage a. At top of the page, search tool, language tool, shopping cart, checkout b. Logo below, then titles like About us, Bird’s Information, Products, FAQ, Contact us c. Banner- 3/4 ads, quality (USA Approved), show our elaborate product and benefits or recipes d Summary of why company is good with learn more link to about us e. Icons below summary for Buy now showing our featured products, f. Footer for company contact information, subscribe by email for newsletter and sitemap 2. About Us a. Quality Assurance b. Awards & Recognition c. Certification 3. Bird’s Nest Information a. How to Select (Grading) – b. Benefits – c. Nutritional Information d. Recipes 4. Products (Products, Promotion, Online Store) 5. Help & FAQ - include a disclaimer 6. Contact Us, Subscribe to Newsletter Features: 1. Homepage Banner 2. Sign in/Register 3. Shopping Cart 4. Buy Now Button 5. Search the website feature 6. Sitemap 7. Facebook sideswipe 8. Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram icons 9. Footnote with contact details and other stuff 10. Titles on homepage can have drop down menu for sub pages 11. Responsive Website – Needs to adapt to desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone etc on Mac, PC, Android etc 12. Simplified and Traditional Chinese Translation


Light Cream, off-white eggshell


Red, open to suggestions

below header

If there are stock images available for bird's nest houses in nice locations like paddy fields, for laboratory testing pictures and for any other areas that might be suitable then that would be useful. The product is a luxury brand and also a nutritious health food at the same time. It is often presented as a gift signifying status. Pregnant women often consume it so if there are any stock photos of pregnant Chinese women in a wholesome environment that would be good. It is also used to boost the immune system and for anti-aging treatments so if there are any stock photos to utilize these that would also be useful. The website has to look luxurious yet refined, classy and maybe simple The target market is middle/upper class Chinese We want to highlight our products quality assurance via regulatory approvals and quality of bird's nest houses and processing standards as much as possible. We're including two different logos below as we are not decided on which one we will use as yet

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  • July 09, 2015 5:51 AM
    goldengatebird goldengatebird
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    I have uploaded landscape pictures of the areas around the birdnest houses as well as pictures of the raw nests as well as broken strips or assorted pieces. There are two more logo designs uploaded also which I would like to see. I also uploaded pictures of our competitor's labs and they're cleaning process which I cannot use but if you could find similar stock pictures that would be great.

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  • July 06, 2015 10:46 PM
    adanfc adanfc

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