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Curtis 1000 - DV Designs 2

Walter Gentry

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Marketing collateral veildAll design entries are veiled from other designers till the end of the contest.

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Project: Curtis 1000 - DV Designs 2
Industry: Printing Logo
Contest Launched: Jul 29, 2015
Selected: 3 winning design from 32 concepts
Winning Design by: Achiver
Close Date: Aug 10, 2015

Curtis 1000 - DV Designs 2 - Printing

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Creative Brief

Curtis 1000 - DV Designs 2

Walter Gentry


Banks and Credit Unions, Corporate, would appeal to their customers.

1) Each designer should submit 3 different designs in the same entry under the theme "Credit/Debit Cards." Visit this page to see similar designs from other categories: The designs can share comment graphical elements (such as color scheme or layout), but must be different. 2) Please use as your image source (just download the comp image and we will purchase the final image once design is complete). 3) Size = 3.125"w x 7"h 4) No bleeds 5) You can use your own copy or here are some suggestions: 1. Check out our low rate credit cards today! 2. Get more with our credit/debit cards 3. Got Rewards? 4. Ask us about our low rate cards 5. Apply today and be on your way 6. Start swiping 7. Great introductory rates 8. Transfer your balances to our card 9. The only card you need, aske about our debit/credit cards today 10. Safe, Secure, Flexible 11. Ask how to get rewards 12. Rewards….Yes Please