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Design the ScienceinDC.org Facebook and Twitter pages

Create logo/icon usable as a Facebook/Twitter avatar and a cover image/banner for Facebook Timeline

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Project: Design the ScienceinDC.org Facebook and Twitter pages
Industry: Scientific
Contest Launched: Jul 13, 2014
Selected: 1 winning design from 53 concepts
Winning Design by: pivotal
Close Date: Jul 28, 2014

Design the ScienceinDC.org Facebook and Twitter pages - Scientific

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Creative Brief

Design the ScienceinDC.org Facebook and Twitter pages

Create logo/icon usable as a Facebook/Twitter avatar and a cover image/banner for Facebook Timeline

Enjoying Science in the Nation's Capital

ScienceinDC.org is a web site that gets people involved in science activities in Washington, DC. The site informs visitors about upcoming science events and lectures, lists a wide variety of science museums and organizations people can join, and highlights science news stories specific to Washington, DC. The Facebook (www.facebook.com/openscientist) and Twitter (@ScienceinDC) pages are used to promote content on the web site.

ScienceinDC is closely related to my other blog, OpenScientist.org, which is a personal web site that encourages regular people to participate in scientific research. I highlight projects looking for help from amateur scientists, provide detailed instructions on how to participate, and discuss current trends in the citizen science field. The Facebook/Twitter feeds promote the site and also link to outside articles related to citizen science. Please see my blog at www.OpenScientist.org, Facebook page at www.facebook.com/OpenScientist, and Twitter feed at www.twitter.com/AnOpenScientist for more background on the site and the wide variety of projects I cover.


General: People with an interest in science but not special knowledge, education, or experience with science. Includes adults of most ages, from 8 – 80.

Specific: There are three types of people targeted by the site, 1) families in the Washington DC area with children interested in science activities, 2) family tourists from outside Washington, DC visiting the area on vacation, and 3) adults in the Washington, DC area with an interest in participating in more science activities.

General: Designs focused on greens and blues preferred. Since site is connected to www.OpenScientist.org the design should be somewhat similar in style or color to show that they are part of the same family of sites, but designers are encouraged to be creative in how that connection is made.

Banner: Incorporates the name “ScienceinDC” and the phrase “Enjoying Science in the Nation's Capital”. Also shows a variety of characters participating in science (stargazing, bidwatching, writing in notebooks, counting animals, etc.) , but not with lab coats or other signs of “professional” researchers. Must appear like regular people. Characters should also appear friendly and some may be “teaching” other. Image may also be used at top of blog as well.

Avatar/Icon/Logo: Either 1) create a friendly character inviting users to join, 2) incorporate science and DC monument imagery, or 3) create an inviting design using the “DC” abbreviation. If character, should appear friendly, knowledgeable, laid-back, and willing to teach users about science. If using abbreviation, may be creative with letters.

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