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e cigarette designs

`category images

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Project: e cigarette designs
Industry: Consumer Electronics Logo
Contest Launched: Mar 05, 2016
Selected: 3 winning design from 53 concepts
Winning Design by: FuturisticDesign
Close Date: Mar 11, 2016

e cigarette designs - Consumer Electronics

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e cigarette designs

`category images

Consumer Electronics

e cigarette

design creativity modern

alot of colors, like the joyetech site


I need for my e cigarette webshop that i am going to start a few graphic designs, in a nice layout.



  • March 11, 2016 12:18 AM
    Jdesigner5 Jdesigner5
    I have to say my design is original from the start, as shown in the order of uploads.

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  • March 10, 2016 11:49 PM
    ecigarettedesign ecigarettedesign
      Project Holder
    Can you guys please - joyetech ego aio and the joyetech cuboid the starterkit category - joyetech cubis OR tron + a high quality usa made one in clearomizers (for example from : - High quality usa made mechanical mods in MOD category (for example from or or any of the sites) Also, why is everyone posting almost the same designs

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  • March 07, 2016 6:00 AM
    ecigarettedesign ecigarettedesign
      Project Holder
    what i need is basically the same idea as on, but with a better design and according the categories i mentioned. someone made the following for me: While the layout idea is not bad (could be better), it shows another example of what i need. Also, the design quality from this image is not good, but i am just showing an example so you know what i need.

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  • March 05, 2016 5:54 PM
    SiteAdmin SiteAdmin
    Project Holder has added additional winner(s).

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  • March 05, 2016 5:48 PM
    ecigarettedesign ecigarettedesign
      Project Holder
    Images for the categorys can be downloaded , cut and used from the following links: Starterkits or E-Liquid Please use some combination from the following brands: Liqua Joyetech Halo Clearomizers & Tanks or MODS & DIY or Spare parts please create by using these sites. Ofcoursse, if you submit for example 2 designs for a category image (as there are so many models and such) that will be always a good thing and increase the chance of winning the contest!

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  • March 05, 2016 5:39 PM
    ecigarettedesign ecigarettedesign
      Project Holder
    I need for my e cigarette webshop that i am going to start a few graphic designs, in a nice layout. I need these to become clickable images to the main categories of the shop. like the idea you see on the following site: (the part with starterkits , clearomizers etc.) But the design itself of the graphics on above site is not good at all i think. i like the following design styles alot: and www.joyetech,com i know above 2 examples are very different, but i like both really. I need them for the following categories: Starterkits E-Liquid Clearomizers & Tanks MODS & DIY Spare Parts The width of the whole design (5 category images) should be: 1480 pixels

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