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Flyer for an Independent Dental Hygienist Office

FRESH Dental Hygiene Care

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Project: Flyer for an Independent Dental Hygienist Office
Industry: Health
Contest Launched: Oct 16, 2014
Selected: 1 winning design from 33 concepts
Winning Design by: pivotal
Close Date: Oct 23, 2014

Flyer for an Independent Dental Hygienist Office - Health

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Creative Brief

Flyer for an Independent Dental Hygienist Office

FRESH Dental Hygiene Care

..for a FRESH new approach to your families dental care!

7 Reasons Why MANY Are Now Making the CHOICE for a 'Fresh' New Approach to their Dental Needs:
1.) Much more cost effective! You can receive Private Preventative Dental Services ...and it will cost you LESS money than going to a traditional office.
For those who do not have dental insurance - this is a huge benefit.
For those who DO have dental insurance, - less money is billed to their insurer , thus leaving more money in your dental insurance 'piggy bank' for other dental work if required.

2.) Receive specialized 'one-on-one' care with a goal oriented professional who is specially trained to provide the highest level of prevention and service for your overall oral health - a personal trainer for your teeth and gums. You will always receive the SAME hygienist - no surprises!
3.) Experience a quaint, relaxing visit - free of long waits, and loud sounds of a dental drill in the background.
4.) Highest level of sterilization methods are maintained, and state-of-the-art equipment and technology are key elements set in place. Feel rest assured that your comfort and safety are top priority!
5.) Effective NO-NEEDLE anaesthesia is provided for those who have very sensitive gums and teeth.
6.) Education on maintaining a healthy mouth and healthy body will be provided to you by means of an intra-oral camera, discussion, demonstrations and literature . Your 'personal trainer' receives constant continued education & training, which is then passed on to you!
7.) A carefully selected group of collaborating professionals are also at your finger tips. Referrals are provided for a dentist, orthodontist, periodontist, oral surgeon and pedodontist.


FRESH Dental Hygiene Care
36 John Street, Downtown Port Hope, ON

(905) 800-0288



(It does not have to be verbatim, - this is a suggestion . I AM trying to simplify my message - and I am welcome to thoughts!)


elderly people
fashionistas - for whitening teeth
healthy conscious
budget conscious

I would like to make sure I like all photos being used.
my logo is on file with your company already from previous contest

I am open to suggestions for size and format of flyer

I do want it to look very professional - but hopefully not crammed with too much info - an easy read?

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