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Graphic Design for T-Shift

Decontamination Technician

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Project: Graphic Design for T-Shift
Industry: Emergency Services Logo
Contest Launched: Mar 16, 2015
Selected: 1 winning design from 38 concepts
Winning Design by: rudyy
Close Date: Mar 26, 2015

Graphic Design for T-Shift - Emergency Services

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Creative Brief

Graphic Design for T-Shift

Decontamination Technician

The graphic design is intended to be printed on to a t-shirt so the final image can not have a background. This image may be printed as a small image on the front of the t-shirt as well as a large image on the back of the t-shirt I would prefer designs with 2-3 colors. Obviously, greater numbers of colors increase the screen-printing costs of t-shirts. Ideally, the primary color would be white so the image can be screen-printed on to a darker colors (black, blue, etc.). However, as an alternative, I would entertain designs with the primary color black that could be screened onto lighter colors (white, tan, sky blue, etc.)

Emergency Services

A "Decontamination Technician" is somebody who is trained and equipped to wash or decontaminate victims of a hazardous materials or chemical disaster. These decontamination technicians may be found within fire departments, hospitals, emergency medical services, rescue squad, hazardous materials teams, or law enforcement agencies. The intense look of this graphic image, depicting the serious nature and hazards of the job, is popular with those in the emergency services profession.

The design will incorporate a primary icon used in the hazardous materials response community, the skull and crossbones, but with a twist: instead of a skull, a gas mask will be drawn; and instead of crossbones, a shower wand and wash brush will be drawn crossing each other below the gas mask. Additional elements to incorporate into the design will be 2 other icons of the hazardous materials response industry: a bio-hazard symbol and a radiation symbol. The can be subtle background images or placed within the design of the gas mask. Finally, the title "DECONTAMINATION TECHNICIAN" shall be positioned below the image of the gas mask, wash brush, and shower wand.

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