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Graphic illustrating the Nitgrogen Cycle

Nitrogen Cycle

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Nitrogen Cycle Other Winning Design by kinsey

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Nitrogen Cycle Other  Draft # 41 by kinsey

Creative Brief

Graphic illustrating the Nitgrogen Cycle

Nitrogen Cycle

The key to Aquaponics

The nitrogen Cycle explains how waste from fish is converted to nutrients for plants. Specifically in our Business, which is Aquaponics - waste from fish is converted by friendly bacteria first to Nitrite and then to Nitrate. The Nitrate feeds the plans and the plants act as a biofilter that cleans and oxygenates the water which is returned to the fish. The things to emphasis are that this is a biosystem that simulates nature. It is a natural cycle that turns waste into food. The Nitrogen Cycle is key to understanding how Aquaponics works. I have uploaded a number of graphics which illustrate the principle. The design can be simple or more complex but should be polished. I have also uploaded a few graphic element you could use but please feel free not to use them as well.


The graphic will be used to illustrate - to people who are new to aquaponics - the key principles of how aqaponics works. If you are not familiar with aquaponics please just look over the graphics I have uploaded and they will give you an understanding of hoe the nitrogen cycle work. Some of the graphs are very good, we just want our own version so we do not have to use something that someone else made.

Must contain the basic elements

Fish or Fish tank - waste being converted to Nitrite - Nitrite being converted to Nitrate - Nitrate feeding plants - Clean oxygenated water returning to the fish.

I prefer the illustration being done in the form of a circular cycle - would be open to another approach if you think it would work well

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