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Logo for a private/intimate Yoga business

Fall Into Yoga

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Project: Logo for a private/intimate Yoga ...
Industry: Health Logo
Contest Launched: Jan 11, 2017
Selected: 1 winning design from 79 concepts
Winning Design by: Graphicon
Close Date: Jan 18, 2017

Logo for a private/intimate Yoga business  - Health

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Logo for a private/intimate Yoga business

Fall Into Yoga


This logo is for a new and innovative private and intimate yoga business that works hands on with individuals and/or private groups. The name Fall Into Yoga is about immersing yourself in Yoga (into the love and light) to learn and practice yoga and meditation classes on an intimate level with an RYT Yoga Alliance Compliant Teacher.

I would like the logo to be simple. easy to understand, and NOT have a lotus flower.

The "Fall" Into Yoga aspect is immersing yourself into the love and light for a hands on experience that is individualized and personal per each client.
If the logo could speak- I would want it to "say" - Come get on your mat and dive into yoga where east meets west





not sure

I want the logo to NOT have any Lotus flower on it. I DO NOT want to see flowers or a logo that already exists and is "modified".

I think the designer should know that the name Fall Into Yoga has a lot of meaning behind it. It is not just about simply taking private yoga and meditation classes- but it's a play on words for myself the owner and founder who began my own yoga journey after an accident where I fell 22 ft through my roof and survived. Yoga is what helped me heal and improve my balance. Now I am teaching yoga to pass on the beauty of all the health and wellness benefits it offers.

In terms of ideas for the logo- I want a logo that is simple yet catchy enough for someone to remember. I don't want it to be "busy"-meaning too much going on in one place. I would love the logo to be clean/modern yet still powerful with an image.

I have an idea in my mind of 2 people- half body/half a yoga mat (imagine base jumpers diving into a yoga mat...or skydivers...the key is half a human/half mat. This is just ONE idea so please don't submit all logos based off this one idea.

Show me what you can come up with. I look forward to having a logo.

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  • January 16, 2017 8:22 AM
    fallintoyoga fallintoyoga
      Project Holder
    I appreciate you sending #31. Is there any way you can send the same logo but with a few different color schemes? I am grateful for the newer ones you sent but I think #31 is the favorite still. Any color changes you can send before this contest ends? I think it is safe to say we love what you created. Best, Julie

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