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Logo for Solid Klik Indonesia

Solid / / Solid Klik Indonesia

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Project: Logo for Solid Klik Indonesia
Industry: Internet Services Logo
Contest Launched: Oct 23, 2014
Selected: 2 winning design from 179 concepts
Winning Design by: studio88
Close Date: Oct 28, 2014

Logo for Solid Klik Indonesia - Internet Services

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Creative Brief

Logo for Solid Klik Indonesia

Solid / / Solid Klik Indonesia


you can play around with word "solid" or "" --> this is our website url

or, you can also drive inspiration from klik / click.

I want you to go wild, be as creative as you can with the inspiration taken from word solid / click.
For me, "solid click" means consistent click / consistent traffic / consistent sales. It means that the strategy we put forth is not a "one-time-wonder" kind of strategy. We provide proven, battle tested strategy that certainly gives long-term result.

I need you to provide a logo that can represent the meaning of the word "solid" itself. For me, Solid means firm, certain, unshakeable, stable, built-to-last, well built, strong, sound, unbroken, dependable, and reliable.

If possible, combine that kind of feeling with a well known symbol of "click".
I will provide an example below, but please don't get fixated with this. Use your imagination & convey the meaning of "solid click".

I've looked around, and i like this cursor image:

for me, it symbolizes #1, putting hand in the air (volunteering, willingness to go forward, involvement, ...)
If possible, try to include all these feeling into the logo

Thx =)

Internet Services


Abstract Mark
Abstract Mark


High Tech

not sure

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  • October 24, 2014 10:50 AM
    tharzzan tharzzan
      Project Holder
    Hello designers, thank you for your hard word so far. Most of you still play with the word SOLID, and I'm liking some designs that you already create. But, now I would like to see you play more with image, and not the wording of solid klik indonesia. What image can you think of, creatively, that will represent the word "solid click"? Let's put more emphasize on the image or initials, if you like, and not the word solid klik. I'm excited to see what you guys can come up with. Thank you

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  • October 23, 2014 11:43 PM
    tharzzan tharzzan
      Project Holder
    Hello guys & girls, thank you for submitting your designs! I'm liking what I see already =) Ok, a few comments: I like the fonts in #25 and #28, but maybe work more on the image. #30, i like this concept, develop it more, work on the hand & font #33 don't use all 3 =) , choose 1 wording that suitable. I'm just giving you options of different wording you can use =) #37 got potentials too! develop more of this concept, different color / layout / font ? more designs like this so far my favourite is #38 & #40 =) Thanks a lot guys for your hardwork, more concept please i like the boldness and the simplicity. try different hand also, and try different shape of "O"

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  • October 23, 2014 12:31 PM
    tharzzan tharzzan
      Project Holder
    Hello designers! Thank you for submitting your designs. I know the brief I wrote is really abstract, but that's the best that I can do, Because I really don't know the direction I'm going with right now. And that's why I'm going to count on you guys to come up with great designs! Just submit variety of designs, try different shape, different colors, different fonts, different layouts. I'll let you know what I like after I see it. But now, you really have to going blind, and interpret what I wrote in the brief... sorry =) But, maybe a clearer direction: i like "stiff" font like transformer, logo of the modern batman, ironman, and linkin park are cool. That's all the hint I have in my head right now. I'll write more when I come up with anything Thanks guys :)

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