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Marketing Material for Pre-Paid Legal Services Firm

Legal Aegis Marketing Material

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Creative Brief

Marketing Material for Pre-Paid Legal Services Firm

Legal Aegis Marketing Material

I need the following:

1) Stationary/letterhead to be used in all correspondence within the company.

2) A brochure (full color) with different pictures of people in trouble with the law as well as the content to be provided by us at a later date. For now I need a tri-fold brochure with vibrant colors that looks professional and easy to navigate. I will need areas for headings, etc. Mostly I need the visual template to be laid out so I can add the content/copy to it at a later date.


Strippers. Right now we are marketing to the entertainment industry, and the girls who work in this industry.

It needs to still be professional and well laid out, however. (for the brochure).

Stationery: I need this to look corporate and professional. It needs to resemble what you might expect to receive from a law firm. I want different versions of the stationery with the logo emblazoned somewhere on it very prominently. Maybe a version with the logo like a watermark in the center of the stationery. Some other versions where it is prominently displayed at the top would be nice to compare as well.

Brochure: I need this to look professional, yet be catching to the eye. I will provide the copy/content at a later date. Right now I need this to have the visual template needed to later add the content to it easily. In fact, the winning designer will be sent the copy from which to add to the brochure.

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