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Marketplace website landing pages

3D Printing Marketplace

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Project: Marketplace website landing pages ...
Industry: Printing Logo
Contest Launched: Nov 03, 2013
Selected: 1 winning design from 22 concepts
Winning Design by: jogdesigner
Close Date: Nov 14, 2013

Marketplace website landing pages  - Printing

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Creative Brief

Marketplace website landing pages

3D Printing Marketplace


We require 3 No. Marketplace website landing pages mock-ups only. We will supply the main logo. The marketplace is for everything 3D printing. The site has two concepts one marketplace like, Amazon, Aliexpress & ebay etc. where you buy products, but can also sell or open a shop on the platform. The other will be for services like Elance & Odesk etc. the services will be 3D product / prototype design services, 3D printing of objects etc. buyers can place projects and service providers and freelancers can bid for the project. We need main landing page before the site splits in two, with links to products and services pages. Products landing page a mix of the best bit of, Amazon, Aliexpress & Ebay etc. We also need things like – Select Language, shop by brand, multi county links like the bottom of the page on, You do not need to worry too much about have the correct names in categories or photos etc., this is all about the layout and functions within the layout. Look at the landing pages of the sites listed. Services landing pages will have some of the same detail as the products landing page like search, sign-in, details at bottom of pages etc. otherwise you will think you have gone to different site. For this think freelancing like Elance & odesk etc. again this is about the layout. Total pages layouts designs to be delivered: 3




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