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Real Estate Business Card and Stationary

Classic or creative - looking for both!

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Project: Real Estate Business Card and Sta ...
Industry: Real Estate Logo
Contest Launched: Oct 17, 2014
Selected: 1 winning design from 256 concepts
Winning Design by: einsanimation
Close Date: Mar 09, 2015

Real Estate Business Card and Stationary - Real Estate

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Creative Brief

Real Estate Business Card and Stationary

Classic or creative - looking for both!

I need double sided standard sized Business Card [3.5" x 2"]

Use same font as used in my logo


Jonathon Randolph

Bowling Green, KY


Looking for both classic and innovative designs. We want our cards to stick in clients' minds. Be creative. Use houses, graphics, colors, or just the two company colors. And be sure to keep up with the project discussion board. As we see things we like or don't like, we'll provide feedback there to guide the overall project. I try to give personal feedback as I can, especially if I like where you're going with an idea. Also, we haven't decided yet, but we may create different cards for the different clients our business will have. Ideas include: 1) Real Estate Investors, 2) Buyers who want to purchase a house to fix and sell, 3) Homeowners in various circumstances who need to sell (usually for financial reasons). We might be inclined to select additional winners if your design reaches one of the three specific audiences.

Real Estate

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  • October 30, 2014 12:13 PM
    Keningstonia Keningstonia
      Project Holder
    I apologize for not leaving feedback recently. Our company has been trying to decide if we want a description of our business on the card. I think we've decided to add it. (We might need to extend the contest again). Please include: ---------------------- Back of card Option 1) We Buy Houses - CA$H Quick, fair offers - Closing on your schedule. Need to cash out on your house or land fast? Upside-down or facing foreclosure? Inheritance, needs work, upgrading or downsizing, liens, behind in payments, bad tenants or just tired of renting? Or maybe you bought a camper to tour the country and don't want to pay someone to house-sit! Whatever your motivation is, we can find your real estate solution together! back of card Option 2) Experienced in real estate or want to get started? We buy and sell houses at great prices and pass our deals on to you! Wholesales, prehabs, or turnkey rentals: Let us know what you're looking for! ------------------ I have one more option, but I need to clear it with my partner before we get it on a card. Let me know if #1 is too long to fit. I can adjust it. I'm sorry to make this change so late in the project! We had someone advise us to get specific cards for each department of our business rather than a general card. Thanks!

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  • October 17, 2014 3:14 PM
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