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Restricted contest for Designer:Schweinsteiger---Christmas Acessorories and Promotional Material

Johnoscar Christmas

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Johnoscar Christmas Marketing collateral Winning Design by Schweinsteiger

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Creative Brief

Restricted contest for Designer:Schweinsteiger---Christmas Acessorories and Promotional Material

Johnoscar Christmas

Make Christmas Make a Difference

We need accessory and promotional material for the upcoming release of the the Johnoscar album Christmas. We would like the design to reflect the theme and appearance of the album. The 8 page color booklet is the item we need the earliest. A four page template is included. (The eight page version is the four page twice, folder over on top of itself.) The eight pages included the front and back "outside" cover. The cover of the booklet should resemble the inside of the Johnoscar CD but in "reverse." The front should say Johnoscar Christmas Story--with or without a picture of Johnoscar (that is your creative decision) and the back should be an image of Johnoscar with his dog . (I like the way the composers were placed in the background in the red.)

The inside of the booklet should include the written story interspersed with pictures from our recording adventure. One example of how this was done can be found on our webpage--but that is not the only possibility. The picture of Johnoscar sitting at the piano should be the most prominent photograph from the sessions. I would prefer to also include at least one picture with the engineers working in the studio at 25th Street Recording. I am waiting for the confirmation of the publisher information that needs to be included with the track information (in smaller type) beneath the track listing on the final page of the booklet.

We also need 2 posters for Johnoscar's concerts to promote this CD. There needs to be an area on the poster where we can add the location and dates (and, on occasion, the time) for the concert. You tell me the color and font we need to use to complete these posters for each performance. The additional picture of Johnoscar at the piano in the studio at 25th Street Recording can be used. (These recording sessions are generally referred to as 'The San Francisco East Bay Recording Sessions.')

We also need two ads promoting the album for the Internet.

Finally we need three 6 x 9 postcards to promote the album. One should say, "Make Christmas Make A Difference. Play Christmas Forward." The other two don't need the catch phrase unless the postcards benefit from it.


People who like piano, Christmas and classical music.

Templates for the booklet and word file for copy will be included. We will submit the publisher information for each track listing as soon as that is confimed. The publisher information is usually in small type beneath the track listings.

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