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SIG Investor Brochure

Syndicate Investors Group

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Creative Brief

SIG Investor Brochure

Syndicate Investors Group

Fidelity | Stability | Security

This is an investor brochure, to raise funds for our mortgage syndication. It is vital that this stays highly professional, sleek and fancy.

Please don’t be tacky and start putting houses or make it look like a real estate agents pamphlet.

If you use any type of real estate imagery, it has to be the city of Toronto, Canada. It should be a very nice city view from where we are located and do business from, not anywhere else! There are many great stock imagery of our city online to choose from.

If you use any imagery, make it transparent so there is no color bleed with our content and images.

This brochure should make investors feel confident in our organization, since we are raising in the millions of dollar, make the brochure look like a $100M presentation!

I am very detail minded, background images should be illustration of your mind to feel and touch elegance, sophistication and expensive art.

Financial Services

Corporate, seeking educated investors to raise $100 Million in mortgage syndication

You need to have a strong corporate business mind set with great creativity, do not enter this contest if you do not have this background.

***You will need to use the logo that was done for SIG***

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