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Speciality Coffee Shop

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Project: Speciality Coffee Shop
Industry: Beverages Logo
Contest Launched: Aug 06, 2017
Selected: 1 winning design from 7 concepts
Winning Design by: Achiver
Close Date: Aug 10, 2017

Speciality Coffee Shop - Beverages

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Speciality Coffee Shop

Company Profile


We chose the name Black because it defines the base of coffee and its beginning however our cafe will be serving unique and innovative new drinks which will allow people with different tastes to enjoy the drink. Please update the attached company profile based on the points discussed in the details.

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  • August 07, 2017 2:59 PM
    Alfahim92 Alfahim92
      Project Holder
    Draft #2 : I understand however can you please add a few more slides an input the extra information i provided in the last comment?

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  • August 07, 2017 11:11 AM
    Achiver Achiver
    Hello thanks for rating and comment. First thing we are not professional content writer we are designer. Text content should be provided. You need to hire professional writer for this purpose. I hope you got my point. What I can do is to add the image as you said. Because that is related to design.

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  • August 07, 2017 10:54 AM
    Alfahim92 Alfahim92
      Project Holder
    Draft #2 : Great job! You are going in the right direction but please find the comments below: 1. The first image you used looks nice but please add other images related to specialty coffee in other slides (such as a V60 or Cold Drip) 2. Please do not Copy and Paste the text that i gave but use it as a reference. Feel free to change the text to make it more professional. 3. We need a more information on our company profile. Please find below a list of Q&A's for your refference. You can use some of my answers and put them in the profile. Q&A Q: Where is the coffee from? the origin or country imported from A: Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Panama Q: What is Specialty Coffee? A: According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), coffee which scores 80 points or above on a 100-point scale is graded "specialty." Specialty coffees are grown in special and ideal climates, and are distinctive because of their full cup taste and little to no defects. In general, we will only select our coffee from suppliers that are certified to be specialty coffee suppliers. Q: Taste A: Each coffee bean tastes different. Some have an after taste of nuts and other have a flowery taste and many more tastes. Weather our customers like their coffee strong (such as an espresso) or sweet (such as our unique Lattes) we will cater to all needs. Q: Short brief on each investor. A: We do not require a brief on each investor individually. The 4 investors Khalid AlHosani, Rashed AlFahim, Saeed AlKhoori and Mohamed AlMinhali have been friends since college. We always had a passion for coffee and were continuously looking for great coffee shops around the country as well as abroad. We finally decided to open our own specialty coffee to ensure that people can trust that it is a specialty coffee shop built by passion rather than financial goals. Q: What are your value propositions or unique selling propositions? A: We will only serve the world's finest specialty coffee, independently tested and scored by certified graders. All our baristas will be certified in the entire aspects of coffee. They will have knowledge from bean to cup to unique latte art. Quality is our number 1 goal. We will never reduce the quality of our items no matter what. Q: What are your vision & mission Our vision is to be the world benchmark for quality coffee. (Please try to think of something better) Our mission is to gather people together over a cup of coffee. (Please try to think of something better.

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