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"STEALTH" logo for product brand


Contest Holder jmrmedia

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Project: "STEALTH" logo for product brand
Industry: Electronics Logo
Contest Launched: Oct 12, 2013
Selected: 1 winning design from 175 concepts
Winning Design by: Nakade
Close Date: Oct 17, 2013

"STEALTH" logo for product brand - Electronics Logo

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STEALTH A Logo, Monogram, or Icon  Draft # 127 by Nakade

Creative Brief

"STEALTH" logo for product brand


eSkillet Cartridge


This logo STEALTH will represent a specific model of vaporizer cartridge similar to an ecigarette but for use with essential oils.

Market itself is saturated with many similar products. Need a design that says "this product is the best". Above all I am looking for a memorable, clean, brand-able, and cutting edge look. Something truly unique. Must contain small "TM" (trademark notice).

My vision of the logo is in all caps but will consider all concepts. It should primarily be typeface but would be ideal to incorporate a shape, icon, etc as well. Do not use any smoke "wisps" or any cigarette type imagery or your submission will be ignored.

The logo should be brandable, modern, distinctive, powerful, strong, quality, unique, memorable, clean, cutting edge. We want something refined and sleek, nothing too "busy".

Target market is generally younger, educated, hip, discerning, intelligent.

The logo will be used:

- on website
- in print
- on product box (most likely all white)
- on web banners

Included in the brief are:

- An idea for I concept I had in mind (image of example) which was basically a brushed metal with bluish glow behind the main lettering. Please feel free to submit new, unique concepts. In other contests, we many times choose completely different concept if it is better, so be creative.

- The other logo that will appear on the box, eDab, just for reference, please take note of it but do not design this logo to be too similar, it is supposed to be distinctly different.


Logo Type

Logo Type



Abstract Mark

Abstract Mark





High Tech

You can see the colors in the example image, I like these but these are just ideas, do not feel restricted by suggestions. Feel free to use any. Colors can always be changed later. Last thing I want is 100 variations of the same exact look.

not sure

I don't want to be too restrictive here but it should be clean and easily convert to an all black or all white version (show in mockup). Ideally the logo will incorporate typeface and some kind of symbol, illustration, or character, both which individually look brand-able and recognizable or just end up being just logotype. Do not use any extremely intricate or "busy" designs as these will be more difficult to use across all media. Must be vector format and suitable for multiple uses.

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  • October 17, 2013 3:54 PM
    avatar jmrmedia
    Project Holder
    Thanks to everyone, this was very, very difficult to choose, we had so many excellent designs. If you got 4 stars and your design stayed until the last few days we especially thank you for your hard work!

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  • October 11, 2013 1:57 PM
    avatar jmrmedia
    Project Holder
    Please read project brief in full. All designs will receive rating. Designs with 3 stars or better will receive written feedback.
    Thanks and good luck!

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