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Theater: Flight Attendants Attending

Flight Attendants Attending

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Marketing collateral vield All design entries are veiled from other designers till the end of the contest.

Project: Theater: Flight Attendants Attending
Industry: Theaters
Contest Launched: Jan 3, 2016
Selected: 1 winning design from 9 concepts
Winning Design by: ryeayuste
Close Date: Jan 10, 2016

Theater: Flight Attendants Attending - Theaters

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Flight Attendants Attending Marketing collateral  Draft # 8 by jalal


Flight Attendants Attending Marketing collateral  Draft # 7 by jalal

Creative Brief

Theater: Flight Attendants Attending

Flight Attendants Attending

'Cabin crew ready for take off and into the air we go!'

This is for a theatre competition in Abu Dhabi. It is is the first time that the competition has been held in Abu Dhabi. We are showing the play first so i want to make our flyer stand out on facebook. It is about the wife (mid 40s larger built woman but every elegant) of her 'cheating' rich man (western-styled Arab). And about about two female flight attendants (one one beautiful brunette Indian girl mid 20s and one beautiful blonde European girl mid 20s). They are both nice and caring in character and also both devious in different ways but the audience have to discover who is the 'nicest' one of the women. They are all unknowingly on the flight together. I don't want to give too much away in the poster (the play is only 10 mins).


People who will buy the free tickets. Other playwrights, theatre directors, actors, other professional theatre and film organizations in the UAE.

The details that need to be included are:Flight Attendants Attending is now showing at the Short + Sweet Abu Dhabi Theatre Festival
Date: Friday 22nd to Saturday 23rd January 2016
Start time: 7,30pm
Location: Black Box Theatre, The Arts Center at New York University, Abu Dhabi
FREE TICKETS go on sale on the 6th January 2016 from 3pm at www.nyuad-artscentre.org
For more information see: www.facebook.com/shortandsweetabudhabi

Please note that i will need to be able to edit this content because this play will also be shown in other locations at different times etc...

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