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Theatre Poster (My Maid and I)

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Project: Theatre Poster (My Maid and I)
Industry: Theaters
Contest Launched: Dec 1, 2016
Selected: 1 winning design from 33 concepts
Winning Design by: zticinovic
Close Date: Jan 6, 2017

Theatre Poster (My Maid and I) - Theaters

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Creative Brief

Theatre Poster (My Maid and I)

See below

I need a poster for my 10 min play. The play is part of a 10 min play competition run by Short and Sweet Theatre. They are a professional group (not amateur). My play is about the relationship between a maid and her employer. They both take advantage of one another but they both need each other. The also don't really like each other. They don't respect each other but they never openly say it. But they do need each other and they both understand this. I need a poster that shows this kind of tension without giving away the whole story to the audience.

The maid has pink long hair with a fringe (bangs) and is always up to mischief for example putting dish washing liquid in her employers tea. The employer has dark long hair that fades into a red and she knows what the maid gets up to but ignores it because she needs her to help with her extremely busy house. The scene is the employers house. Mischief goes on as the maid enjoys doing little work. But the employer knows exactly what the maid is doing even though she is not watching her. Information to be included on the poster is detailed below in the requirements section.


General Public, Theatre goers, journalists, schools, universities, potential voters

Poster must be designed in high resolution as it will be posted on webpages, sent by mobile phone messages and printed out on A1, A2 and A3 sized paper.

Poster must include the following information:

(Title of the Play) My Maid and I

Short + Sweet Abu Dhabi Theatre Festival
Performance will be on the 20th-21st January 2017 from 7.30pm

Location: Black Box Theatre, The Arts Centre NYU University, Abu Dhabi

Written and Directed by Simone McGregor.

Nooreen Rahemtullah as Lenora and Ashleigh Edwards Pitt as Pinky


Tickets are FREE (first come first served) www.nyuad-artscentre.org

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