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Trade Show Booth Design for Consumer Electronics Devices Accessories Company

LAZY-HANDS Thumbs-Free Grips

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Project: Trade Show Booth Design for Consu ...
Industry: Consumer Electronics Logo
Contest Launched: Sep 21, 2015
Selected: 1 winning design from 41 concepts
Winning Design by: pivotal
Close Date: Oct 03, 2015

Trade Show Booth Design for Consumer Electronics Devices Accessories Company - Consumer Electronics

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Creative Brief

Trade Show Booth Design for Consumer Electronics Devices Accessories Company

LAZY-HANDS Thumbs-Free Grips

Seeking updated booth design for Consumer Electronics Show This will represent LAZY-HANDS Grips at the Consumer Electronics Show with professional elegance. LAZY-HANDS Thumbs-Free Grips are an easy grip attachment for phones, tablets (iPads and Surface), readers, i.e., Kindles and other eReaders, clipboards, remotes, small tools and other lightweight objects. LAZY-HANDS attach to the back of mobile devices and allow the user to easily and securely handle them with just one hand with comfort and not drop it, rather than gripping and pinching the device with both hands. LAZY-HANDS can be used by adults and kids while at work, home, school or traveling. Helps to “eliminate hand cramps and fatigue while using your mobile device, while providing the security of knowing you won’t drop it. GRIP YOUR GEAR with LAZY-HANDS Thumbs-Free Grips! The original and finest quality grip available! Hand-crafted in America. Helps to prevent hand cramps and dropping. Allows for grip-free use and comfort. Applies to your mobile gear or its case. Removable and repositionable finger grips. Thumbs-free, ergonomic, comfortable and very secure hold. For one- or two-hand use. Installs in seconds. Patented. Made in U.S.A.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics Industry distributors and buyers and consumers. We will be attending the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. We have 3 intents for our target audience: 1) distributors and buyers for retailers, 2) licensing opportunities 3) consumers for final sale: the normal retail consumer (young, old, whoever owns a Kindle, Nook or eReader, iPad or other tablet, iPod, smartphone/cell phone or similar products -- brought on by targets #1 &/or #2.

Our booth is a 10' x 10' curved booth. It is a Skyline brand and has 4 panels that should incorporate into one full design. NOTE: There are 2 horizontal 6" deep x 29-1/4" wide shelves incorporated in the booth (as shown in the photo provided). Each panel size is 29-1/4" wide x 89-1/4" high (may need to modify exact size only very slightly). Design needs to be in 4 separate ARTBOARD pages to be printed separately but combined to be one whole design. The banner design must include large and visible LAZY-HANDS logo with our GRIP YOUR GEAR tag line. Photos will be provided and must be editable within new design. A podium design is requested as well which must match the main display banner. Wrap size is 82-3/4" wide x 40-3/8"H and the exposed viewable front space is about 30" wide. Please try to fit in our new QR code because they seem to be the trend...maybe also on the podium below logo & tag line. Final design files must be provided in editable format in Adobe Design Premium CS5 files. Logo and other pertinent files will be provided.