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Website for a Non-profit financial learning foundation

Skills Elevation Learning Force

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Project: Website for a Non-profit financia ...
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Website for a Non-profit financial learning foundation - Education

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Website for a Non-profit financial learning foundation

Skills Elevation Learning Force

The SELF is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization specializing in youth education. As an active member of the community, SELF is committed to helping youth from low and moderate income households elevate their skills and lead productive, responsible, and rewarding lives. Our newest initiative is the Skills Elevation Learning Force, or S.E.L.F program. The Skills Elevation Learning Force is an afterschool/Weekend program for Los Angeles youth which aims to empower young people by increasing their financial literacy. In our program, education in the fields of fiscal management, finance, investments, and entrepreneurship is designed to help elevate the financial skills of youth, better preparing them to enter the modern workforce. Furthermore, the S.E.L.F program comes on the heels of President Obama’s youth education initiative, and is our way of supporting and encouraging his request for education programs which elevate skill sets and prepare youth to find rewarding and productive careers in today’s economy. Our program is a complimentary program to schools throughout California.


Wallstreet financial firms, Publicly traded companies, educational organizations, and religious institutions.

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    Site should have place for donors to make donations (501c3 company).

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