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Website for Training Development Company

Fuels Learning Centre

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Project: Website for Training Development Company
Industry: Education
Contest Launched: Aug 26, 2014
Selected: 1 winning design from 64 concepts
Winning Design by: jogdesigner
Close Date: Sep 15, 2014

Website for Training Development Company - Education

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Creative Brief

Website for Training Development Company

Fuels Learning Centre



The Fuels Learning Centre creates learning materials used by certified instructors to deliver short duration (8 hours or less) training courses related to the safe handling of fuels. Certified Instructors will have access to electronic formats of all our learning and support materials for the courses they are authorized to instruct. They will complete training in classroom or 1-on-1 training settings. Instructors will access a 3rd party website to access these materials and conduct a practical Skills Evaluation using a mobile device. When the instructor validates successful completion of the Skills Evaluation, the Record of Training (ROT) certificate is immediately sent by email to the supervisor of the student.

Our process is unique in Canada. Our main competitor relies entirely on a manual process and students wait 4 to 8 weeks for their ROT certificate.

To start, our initial courses will be related to the safe handling of propane. We will be launching with 5 or 6 courses. As we grow, we will add additional curriculum related to propane, as well as courses related to other energy sources, such as natural gas, fuel oil, and LNG. We also intend to add functionality to our system to provide consulting services for our customers behind a secured login section of the website. We also provide consulting to assist our clients understand their regulatory responsibilities in relation to handling various fuels.

The company is owned and operated by its two founding partners, who have over 70 years of experience in the propane and training industries. It is the experience and depth of the owners that hold us apart from our competitors. (both of us worked for the competitor until a short time ago).

Initially, the website needs to communicate who we are, the courses we are offering, how our system works and how to contact us. We also want to include an Instructor application (in PDF format) that can be downloaded. We would also like to start publishing a newsletter that would be available on the website.

Earlier this year, we ran a contest through this site to select a logo and stationery design. We have been using these designs on our courseware and business cards and want our website to be complementary to these designs.

Our logo contains three colours that we would like to see used in this website.

We want our website to communicate that we have a new way of providing compliance-based training to the fuels industry. Since our customers are more industrial based (owners of gas stations, supervisors of bulk fuel delivery trucks, companies that rent equipment such as construction heaters, managers of propane companies) we want imagery that would be appealing to a "blue collar" customer base.

Content Driven
Service Oriented

Blue (R32, G44, B84)

Orange (R238, G117, B27)

Red (R169, G25, B22)


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  • September 7, 2014 8:40 PM
    avatar begbert
    Project Holder
    Thanks again to everybody for the great designs. I am sending notes individually, as required.

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  • September 1, 2014 8:25 PM
    avatar begbert
    Project Holder
    Thank you to everybody who has submitted designs.

    I am going to extend the contest for another week. Unfortunately, I am going to be out of town on business for the next four days and will not have time to review the submissions and provide proper feedback.

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  • August 27, 2014 4:57 PM
    avatar begbert
    Project Holder
    To those designers that have already submitted designs - Thank You.

    Based on some of the questions I received, I realized it would be helpful for you to have more information. I have just uploaded a document called "FLC_Website_Design_Notes.pdf. This document provides much more detail than the project briefing.

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