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Brand graphics are all about your company and how they remind your target audience, customers and potential consumers of your business. While you may not think that a manufacturing company needs a brand identity, this is far from the truth. No matter what industry or products you deal with, get a brand logo with a memorable identity design will help you get recognition. Printing and showcasing this manufacturing service logo design on a variety of platforms will show people from all over that you provide solutions and tools for their needs.

However, you must also realize that because there is a plethora of logos which are already present, it is important that you invest in one which is as powerful as your products and as outstanding as the services which you provide. Bear in mind that even though your designer will be aware of the nitty-gritty of logo designing like a pro, there are a few tools and tips that you should know about as well. Knowing and understanding these unconventional logo design techniques will help you own a logo that is spectacular and brilliant in every way. Here are a few brand logo design features you should start focusing on.

Focus on Aspect Ratios

Though this may seem like a very graphic artist type term, aspect ratios should be understood by business owners who want to rule the industry as well. In simple terms, the aspect ratio is the relationship or connection between the height and width of the logo. In your years of experience, you must have seen several brand identities that were too tall and skinny or too wide and short. The problem with these corporate identities is that they aren't just ugly and unattractive to look at but don't have the right layout for different platforms. If you make the mistake of accepting such manufacturing service logo designs and print them on business cards or websites, they will lack the power to influence.

However, if you are aware of the golden mean or ratio of your logo, it will not only look visually appealing, but will also work well with all platforms. Though square logos are used commonly, a lot of new businesses have started to opt for circle or oval shaped logos because they are visually strong and work well with social media websites.

Treat Text & Images Individually

Unless you have a combination logo where the text is incorporated inside the symbol, you will want to treat your iconic logo individually, so it can look good and sufficient even without the text. Don't make the mistake of overlapping or intertwining your powerful manufacturing service logo design because this will make it difficult for you to represent the logo individually. Browse through some of the most popular and famous logo artwork and you will immediately notice that while these designs have fonts, the singular logo itself looks just as good as the true version.

If you have decided to use typography and fonts of any sort in your logo, be sure not to get overwhelmed and use too many because this will greatly hamper your corporate design. As a company that provides tools or other kinds of manufacturing solutions, you must be focusing on a design which is simple but effective.

pyramid icon design for manufacturing company logo
swoosh circle logo for high tech consulting company
wifi signal on roof of house logo for home automation company
swoosh logo for electronics manufacturing company

Don�t Overcomplicate Meaning

Your brand logo design has to mean something, but it doesn't necessarily have to give everything way or seem too complicated. Remember that an overly complex logo design is not pretty and will never be appreciated by your customers. On the contrary, what you and your professional designer must be opting for are simple, memorable and impactful logos that are free of a lot of illustration and a bunch of shapes or symbols. Take a look at some of the Fortune 500 brand logos and you will be greeted with simple yet effective designs that don't make you think a lot.

Though it is often suggested that your logo have a backstory, it is not always ideal to do so. Instead, encourage your designer to study your industry, the tools or services that you provide and your target audience to create a meaningful logo that is easy to comprehend and remember. Be sure not to be robbed by sketchy designers who have no clue about your project or are not willing to put in efforts to get to know your requirements.

Make a Dynamic Design

The first logo that comes to mind when you say the word 'dynamic' is Nike's. The only way you can have a dynamic and versatile design is if it looks the same from any and every angle. Nike's very popular swoosh looks like a tick mark no matter where you see it from. It could be printed upside down on a t-shirt or pen but you would still know that it is Nike's logo. Likewise, if you want a logo which is adaptable for all platforms, you need to have a design which is balanced and thoroughly researched so there are no gradients or mishaps.

There are examples of many logos in the manufacturing services industry that don't look good when they are printed on huge billboards or tiny pens and pencils because they lose their effect and impact. So what you should be aiming for is a powerful logo that look good in all sizes and can be showcased anywhere from fax papers to advertisement billboards. Remember, the more versatile your logo, the higher its chances of hitting the industry with a bang.

gable roof and windows logo for manufacturing company
cannabis logo for medical company
crescents logo for antenna production company
cross logo for safety box manufacturing logo

Repetition is the key when you want your designer to create a successful manufacturing service logo design. No matter how experienced or professional your graphic artist, he will know that practicing, brainstorming and researching about your company logo are the best ways to create one that is unconventional and remarkable. So don't wait for your competitors to get ahead of you with their logos but instead design a corporate identity of your own today by starting a contest on

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