7 Secrets to Becoming a Graphic Design Superstar

By Michael Baker , Oct 20 2011
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Every new designer aspires to be the best. However, this doesn’t come easy. You not only have to work hard, but you also have to develop good artistic, marketing and communicative skills. You need to know where to market your skills and how to capture the client’s interest. There are hundreds of tips and tricks but I would like to share with you just seven great secrets to becoming a graphic design superstar. The best designers understand these graphic design secrets and this is why they are the BEST.

1. Communicate, Relate, Share

Become a member of a graphic design community and interact with other like-minded designers. Such communities, forums and social gatherings help you to meet new people, share ideas, knowledge and grow as a professional. This is the best way to get maximum exposure, creating professional relations and gaining abundant knowledge regarding the design field.

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2. Expand, Improvise, Adapt

Being a good graphic designer means being flexible and adaptable. Do not limit yourself to just one field. Expand your skills and learn about various spheres of digital designing. This will help you in acquiring a strong client base, while honing your expertise. Improvise on your design style by learning to work on multiple graphic programs, including 2D and 3D modes. Make yourself an “in-demand” designer, catering to any sector.

3. Evolve, Learn, Update

You can never say, “I know it all.”  The best designers are constantly learning.  Every day you can learn new tricks and tips, explore new strategies and get brand new ideas.  Stay updated with the latest tutorials, design ideas and software.  But don’t forget to manage your time. The more updated you are and the more versatile you become, you will automatically be wanted by business owners.

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4. Read, Read, Read

Read and get in depth knowledge about color psychology, design concepts, typography, trends and the latest software. Graphic designing is not wild imagination; it is a tamed art that can mold itself according to the needs of an industry.  This is what graphic design books, tutorial websites and professional blogs teach you about.

5. Experiment, Experience, Understand

Experiment with various design styles and color combinations.  Be innovative when creating designs. Think outside the box, avoid clichés and common trends. Playing with graphic software is a good exercise and a great way to learn various techniques. Doing so gives you practical knowledge which is worth more than the hundreds of books you may read. Also, don’t hesitate in asking your friends and colleagues for their opinion of on your work.  This will help you to understand your flaws and improve on them.

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6. Seek, Inspire, Create

Graphic designing is a field that has somewhat of recycled inspiration. In broader terms, it means that you will have to avoid seeking inspiration in other people’s work in order to be original. The first idea you might get for a project will not always be unique. With thousands of designers out there it is possible that your idea has already been worked on. Seek inspiration from your surroundings, from nature, from people you know instead of just focusing on online designs. Remember though, that seeking inspiration does not mean copying designs.  Copying designs will take away your credibility as a professional designer.

7. Aim, Score, Win

Do not aim to be the best, aim to develop your skills and abilities. Keep learning and don’t hesitate to ask questions when you don’t understand anything. Become an active part of the design community. Share your knowledge as a designer with others and they in turn will not disappoint you when you have a question to ask.  Cater to customer needs and understand their business. This will help you win clients and in turn you will able to build an excellent portfolio and be known as a professional graphic designer.

What else do you think makes a graphic design superstar? What is it that best designers do differently? Share your thoughts with us.

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