Psychology of Colors to Woo Your Customers

By Kathleen Burns , Jul 28 2014

Your customers don’t have the time or dedication to read the hundreds of books explaining color theory, and how it influences moods, tone, and the psychology of a design. However, a designer needs to know enough about color to explain to their customers why they should stick to a specific color choice with their logo design.

But you must relate your design decisions in terms that your customers understand!

Poor communication will hurt your chances to create a design that both you and your customer will be happy with. If the logo isn’t successful, it is a waste of time. The feedback step of the design process is your time to convince the customer that your decisions will help to sell their product or services. That’s an important part of the designer and client feedback process!

Humans are visual creatures and color association is a powerful tool to build a business brand. However, this is not the first time that we’ve talked about why understanding color theory is a necessary part of a designer’s education. This is more of a tool for you to use when you speak to your customers about your decisions.

The following infographic answers why one is color better than others in specific niche industries.


Infographic - Psychology of Colors to Woo Your Customers

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One thought on “Psychology of Colors to Woo Your Customers

  1. Fyuri LeBlanc says:

    I am building a logo for a website that features showcases and spotlights of some ingame decorators. We also spotlight people who contribute much to our game. I would like it to be unique but definitely associated with the game i play and write about. it will be a type of fansite. so far the colors and designs i have seen on many sites don’t impress me much. any ideas on the right colors?

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