Vital Elements to a Logo Design

By Kathleen Burns , Aug 29 2014

Once in a while, you come across a logo design that is truly eye-catching and fabulous. When this happens, you just don’t only appreciate the design but also get influenced within seconds to buy the products or services being offered or interact with the brand in another way. But the question is, how do you make people fall in love with your brand identity at first glance?

If you want this very crucial question to be answered, you must focus on three immensely vital elements of a logo which are the logo mark, logo type and logo descriptor.

Logo mark

A logo mark is your company’s brand symbol or icon and is the main focus of your logo design. This image will serve as an identifiable reminder to your customers and will make your company memorable. Logo marks like Nike’s swoosh and Audi’s 4 circles make an impact within seconds because they are striking and outstanding. Remember, though most companies have logo marks according to the products or services that they offer, you can opt for something which is unique but impactful and unrelated to your product as well. When looking for the right icon, search for vectors as opposed to raster images because these have much better resolution and are scalable.

One of the reasons why so many companies in the corporate world use logo marks or symbols is because if they grab attention, they go a long way in terms brand identity and recognition. These images act as mental representatives of your brand so that when your customers come by it again, they are reminded of your quality products and services.


Typography or the kind of font that you use to display your company name matters a lot more than you think. If you make the mistake of using fonts like Comic Sans and Lucinda for your logo type, you will end up with something that nobody will take you seriously and isn’t worth promoting at all. On the other hand, if you are wise enough to use Helvetica, Ariel or the many other distinctive but professional modern fonts, you will be on your way to success with the logo design. Bear in mind that the typography used should be simple and not complicated because viewers won’t look twice.

For giant companies like McDonald’s, attracting the attention of viewers is a piece of cake with their one of a kind logo type. The worldwide food chain has a simple ‘M’ for a logo and that does a pretty good job of showing people exactly what they need. Because the font is combined with the color yellow gives a feeling of harmony and happiness; it’s what they needed to make a big mark on the ever growing food and beverage industry.


A catchy tagline is all you need to combine the elements and complete your influential logo design. This is called the descriptor. Spend at least a few days thinking about the mission or long term goals of your organization and come up with a few words that present these objectives clearly. Go through the taglines created by your competitors in the industry and brainstorm about one for your own company. Remember to keep it short and sweet because if the descriptor component is too long, it will get boring for the viewer and won’t be as easy to remember.

Apple’s ‘Think Different’ tagline is short, sweet and to the point. One look at those words and you immediately know that using their gadgets will make you stand out. So if you really want to tell your customers why they need to buy your product, brainstorm about the descriptor you will use to entice them.

Bringing all these three factors into consideration will help you develop a logo design which isn’t just unique and distinctive but also memorable and instantly influential. Here’s a small infographic about the elements that go into a logo design for easy reference.

Vital Elements to a Logo Design

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