Top 7 Lessons From All-Time Favorite Romantic Movies For Designer And Client Relationship

By Aamina Suleman , Feb 13 2018
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I’m not the sort of person who can sit through a movie with a straight face. Yup, it’s all acting but it’s crazy how the feelings, expressions and decisions of both the protagonists and the antagonists in a film affect us psychologically and emotionally. This is because many times we can relate with the scenarios in the plot and tell you what the scenes inspire us, break our hearts and mend the little fella’ too. Some films in fact teach us a lot about our own relationships with family, friends and the people we work with.

So here are ten all-time favorite romantic movies that teach us a lot about the relationship between a graphic designer and client.

1) A Relationship May Last Short But You Remember It For Life

The world was struck by the story of Titanic – a relationship that lasted for a few days yet remained in the heart forever. You may design for many clients but some are special because they’ve either challenged your intellect or touched your heart with their approach towards projects. Make sure you cherish the “good” clients (whatever that means in your dictionary). Among the ocean of clients out there, I bet you will remember one or two (for life) that lit the love for design in you or set you free.

Lesson: You must cherish good relationships because you can lose them anytime.

2) There’s Always Someone In A More Worse Situation Than You

If you’re a struggling freelance graphic designer with a bad hair day, may be the movie Bridget Jones’s Diary will make you feel less devastated about yourself and your life. You know it’s strangely soothing to watch how other’s life is a bigger mess. I mean perhaps at the age of 30, you’re better off than many around you. There are designers in a much unfortunate situation than you. Perhaps they’re a) not finding any clients, b) finding the most stringent or miser clients, c) struggling with how to handle more than one client.

Lesson: Never lose hope even when everything tumbles down because there’re much worse cases than you.

3) Arguments And Reconciliation Are Part And Parcel Of Relationships

Now Mr.  & Mrs. Smith isn’t a classic or an all-time favorite flick but it shares a lesson we can surely learn from in our relationships with designers and clients. We all may have different lives, opinions and preferences but when we’re in a relationship – when quarrels happen, so do resolutions. So don’t get too frustrated when everything topples and avoid being extra happy when it’s all jolly.

Lesson: All professional relations have ups and downs, but be passionate about your commitment.

4) FYI, Every Relationship Isn’t The Same

Whether it’s nine like in Love Actually or more, every relationship is different. So there are two things to remember. First of all, your relationship with each client won’t be the same. Secondly, every graphic designer will have a dissimilar involvement with a client. So it’s a waste of time to generalize situations because although the nature of the relationship is same, the experiences are not.

Lesson: Find creative ways to make your designer-client relationships work because hard work pays off.

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5) Whether They’re With You Or Not, They Change You Forever

In the movie A Walk to Remember, Landon Carter finally realized how much Jamie had transformed him from a rebellion to a focused man. Sometimes we fail to understand the extent of influence a person has had on us. We only feel the change when it actually happens, affects us and takes us into a positive direction. As a client you must have met tons of graphic designers that have worked with you to build your brand, but in that crowd there is always one that “changes” everything and that too for the better.

Lesson: If a designer has improved your brand, then never revert to your old self.

6) Being Together Is A Journey Not A Decision

A client-designer relationship should be ever-living like that of Edward and Bella in Twilight – rewind, not really. The truth is that the eternity is just way too long a time to spend with one another. The one thing that you must remember is that no matter how long you stay with each other, you enjoy the phase. Well, I know of designers who have worked with the same client for years and it almost seems like a never-ending relation.

Lesson: Treasure the journey in your designer/client relationship.

7) Hold Tight When One Is More Famous Than The Other

It can happen like it did in Notting Hill that either one you turns out to be famous, but that shouldn’t affect your relationship the least bit. It could be that either the graphic designer is a big shot or the client is, and during such a set-up the best is to make it work no matter the indifferences. For a designer it’ll be amazing to have a famous client, but many times clients avoid being linked with newbie designers. At the end of the day, you’re just a brand waiting to find a designer.

Lesson: If you’re a famous brand, don’t hesitate to bond with less famed designer.

Got a relationship lesson from your favorite romantic movie? Share it with us.

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