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Media Company Logo Design Tips to Power Up

What could possibly be more image-oriented than the entertainment and media businesses? If you're looking to find success and want to stay in power in this industry, you must present your logo in a professional and entertaining way.

It's no secret that a lot of your success depends on the power of your brand image. Whether your services are going out to customers or other companies as well, perception is everything. Choosing the perfect media logo involves certain elements which must be carefully considered. So without further ado, let's plunge into some design tips, shall we?

1. Simple yet Prominent

Take a moment to observe some of the most influential company logos in this industry and you'll see how many have their name in a bold and legible black font, coupled with letters that are simple and have a no-nonsense look. This results in two favorable outcomes. One, it's simple and easy to recognize and this leads to building credibility faster, so you don't want to get left behind. Two, people tend to perceive companies with bold and simple logos as firmly grounded, established and reliable.

This is the image and impression you need to project so a logo that displays your name in big and bold black letters will do the trick nicely.

2. Giving Your Media Image an Identity

Think about this for a moment: when it comes to images of media companies, a design that features a mountain would not make much sense, would it? Given that, it's ironic how mountain-oriented images are common in this industry. Why is this? A mountain has a triangular profile. Triangles are without doubt among the strongest geometrical shapes because they communicate a sense of permanence and strength.

When your logo is based on a triangular shape, you are telling your target audience that your business is safe and established. This is absolutely imperative if you're looking to score big deals with other companies as well.

Another powerful shape is the circle. Circles are quite popular in this industry as they convey a sense of inclusion and completion. Customers who are purchasing a product or service expect a complete experience where they feel "included". A circular image makes your company appear well-rounded, both in the figurative and literal sense.

movie reel logo for public relation company
S in circle media logo
shutter icon in media consulting logo
swoosh person icon for media agency

3. Colors and What They Portray

The right color choice is what makes your design aesthetically pleasing to both the casual observer and customers interested in availing your services. As mentioned, this is primarily a visually driven industry, which means that you either make it or break it, at the brand identity level.

Colors speak a powerful language to the subconscious mind sets of your customers. So think carefully about the feelings and emotions you wish to project before deciding on a color scheme. Deep blues and green for example convey a sense of calm and relaxation

Yellows and reds attract attention instantly and speak of more excitement and technology-oriented emotions.

Black and whites are an ideal choice too, so long as your logo isn't boring because the design itself should be bold and eye-catching.

Media brand images are a prominent graphic depiction of what your business is about. Having a great design can really set you apart from the competition. If you can increase your chances of standing out in a cutthroat industry, then what have you got to lose?

While we're on the subject of colors, something you need to be careful about is the number of colors you use. A five-color design for instance, may look very good at first, but when it is time to translate it on to your stationery and other branding materials, it may not look as appealing.

There are certain mediums that allow just one or two colors so it is ideal not to exceed three colors unless it absolutely necessary.

4. Cleanliness and Functionality

A good logo is always easily reproduced, scalable, memorable and distinctive. This is why icons fare far better than photos because they don't degrade in quality when enlarged or reduced. Your design may need to be faxed from time to time or photocopied without color, so you must take these aspects into consideration.

Remember, your brand image will probably appear on several media types like delivery vehicles, signage, advertising, packaging and stationery. As discussed, certain applications have production limitations so do a color study to see if your logo looks good in color as well as grayscale or black and white.

abstract crown symbol for media company
wordmark media company logo
incomplete square media holding company icon
smile on tooth icon

5. What a Designer Can Do For You

While hiring a graphic designer at a bargain can be very tempting, you should always hire one who's well familiar with your field and competition. Even if you have to put in the extra cost, remember this basic rule of thumb: a great media brand identity lasts a good 10 years at least. Think of what this could mean in the long run.

Your brand identity is the foundation on which all your promotional materials rest. Hiring an experienced designer will only help you rake in more profits, and stay well ahead competing businesses.

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