Meta Goes Mundane: Facebook Enters Our Lives in the Sneakiest of Ways

By Aamina Suleman , Nov 4 2021

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Finally, it’s time to say goodbye to our typical Facebook lives, after all. But are we ready to enter the Metaverse that is, as Mark Zuckerberg puts it, an “embodied internet” where social interactions, work-related communications, shopping experiences, and business dealings will feel more real from a virtual point of view? Wait, what!

Is Metaverse A New Concept?

Nope. Metaverse is a simulation of reality. The term was coined by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel, Snow Crash. He defines the metaverse as “a graphical computer-based social environment that encompasses all of reality”.

Snow Crash
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This idea of creating an alternate reality was first explored by John McHale in his 1978 book, The Future Now, which features a virtual world that is created with computers.

The Future Now
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Nowadays, technological advancements have made it possible to explore various aspects of this concept in more detail. For example, Second Life has been created as a demonstration of what a future metaverse might look like. It’s a 3D world where people can create their avatars and communicate with each other.

Second Life Spotlight
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Facebook wants you to feel like you are in a virtual reality environment where you can chat with friends, watch videos, play games, and make purchases. Facebook wants to build a metaverse of sorts – an immersive virtual world that people can explore on their phones.

What Exactly Is Facebook’s Metaverse?

A metaverse is a virtual world that encompasses all of the possible worlds. It provides a place where people can interact, communicate, and share ideas. Facebook is building its metaverse which will be powered by AR (augmented reality) glasses.

Facebook’s rebranding as metaverse will be inclusive of all kinds of content, including videos, photos, and games. There will also be interactions with other people in the metaverse as well as with AI entities that are programmed to resemble real-life characters.

Facebook Metaverse
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It is an expansion of the company’s social networking service and offers a variety of user experiences. The Facebook Metaverse will be a new and different type of VR, and it will be built on top of the existing Facebook platform. It will offer many more features than the current VR and create a lot more opportunities for users to interact with one another.

Do We Even Want to Live In A Metaverse?

The world of science fiction is becoming a reality. There are virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the metaverse. With the rapid development in internet technology, the future of the world is no longer what it used to be. VR has always been an exciting technology. It has always captivated us with the thought of being able to experience the world in a different way. VR is not just for gaming anymore, it is becoming more and more integrated into our lives.

Live In A Metaverse
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We seem to have one foot in the physical world and one foot in the virtual world, but what if we got all of our feet out of the physical world? What will it be like living in a metaverse — immersed in a contactless world where we’re all mere avatars trying to experience a world that may or may not exist.

During the recent pandemic lockdowns, we heard news about people getting depressed and committing suicides because the online world wasn’t enough to motivate them to keep on living. So, it is yet to see how many of us can survive life in a metaverse.

We at ZillionDesigns, came up with an idea to reimagine how the world of Facebook’s metaverse will actually look like.

Here’s the way we see how the new Meta logo design disrupts our daily (virtual) life.

How will the virtual world change from its old self to the metaverse?

Meta Logo Transformation 1

Will parties be more fun, experimental, and out-of-this-world with Meta?

Meta Logo Transformation 2

How will the physical world health and wellness industry benefit from the metaverse?

Meta Logo Transformation 3

Will the food industry be impacted from this new dimension of virtual community?

Meta Logo Transformation 4

How will the retail industry leverage the possibilities that metaverse will bring?

Meta Logo Transformation 5

How will the metaverse affect scientific advancements and discoveries?

Meta Logo Transformation 6

Can we reimagine the universe as a metaverse?

Meta Logo Transformation 7

How have you imagined your life in the Metaverse? Share your ideas.

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