5 Different Meanings You Can Draw From Purple & Yellow In Logos

By Michael Baker , Dec 12 2017
purple and yellow logos

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Colors are not static elements. All colors exude certain energy, and human beings pick up on that energy. This is why colors are able to elicit an emotional response in us. Be it in interior design, fashion design or logo design, colors can give us important emotional cues that play up in our subconscious and unconscious.Different colors have different cultural, emotional and functional connotations. Exploiting these inbuilt meanings and associations of color can give logo design depth.

Different colors have different cultural, emotional and functional connotations. Exploiting these inbuilt meanings and associations of color can give logo design depth.

Today, let’s look at a winning combination of purple and yellow logo design, and what it can represent.

1. Represents Luxury & Exotic Culture


Yellow purple thai swirl logo

Purple and yellow are used as a combination to represent luxury. Purple is known as the royal color. This is because the purple dye was always the most expensive to produce in the olden times. Having an accessory, clothing or item in purple color meant it was a pretty luxurious thing. Over time this association has set in and designers still use purple for a show of luxury.


In this logo of Thai Airlines, yellow is used as an eye-catching element. It draws the eye and purple keeps it there. The idea is that the airline gives you all the luxury you deserve. See how with the use of color, without even saying it, a message of premium luxury has been conveyed. It also is a reference to the “exclusive” and “exotic” culture of Thailand.

Another important thing to note is how yellow is used on the edging of the logo. This gives it a “light” and “luminous” effect and balances the otherwise heavy effect of purple.

Here is another example of an exotic, luxury restaurant logo.


geometric shape yellow purple thai logo

Here, in a logo for a travel company, purple and yellow is being used to represent the mystery and exotic nature of travels:


Man on cliff in yellow circle purple logo

2. Represents Pomp


Yellow crown wordmark purple background logo

The Hallmark Company is well known for its gifts and greeting cards. The company uses purple and yellow combination in their logo. The logo is very simple, which is one of the characteristics of a good logo. Set against a deep purple background, the yellow text jumps out at the viewer. The yellow against the purple gives the logo great visibility; it can easily be seen from a distance. And the purple and yellow combination is specifically used to represent pomp, luxury, and pampering.


Here are some more examples where purple and yellow represent pomp:


Shopping bag hanging from yellow crescent logo

3. Represents Exclusiveness


Yellow fig with honey comb pattern logo

The deeper tones of purple represent a certain sophistication and sobriety. In this logo of a food company that churns out organic honey and fig, you can see how purple and yellow are used to represent exclusiveness. It is actually a build-up on the basic “royal and luxurious” connotation of purple. This combination suggests elitism and how something is unique and exclusive. Rendering something in this color combination suggests that the thing is not mainstream. So when you need to give this message, purple and yellow is the combination to use!


Here is another example of the logo for an exclusive storage system product:


Yellow abstract fan logo

4. Represents Authority & Power


Yellow purple crown inside shield outline logo

If you are fond of basketball, you will notice many teams tend to render their team logos in purple and yellow. This is because purple and yellow is a combination that suggests authority and power because of its imperialistic connection. This is why this is a winning combination for a sports team; fraternity crests or even institute logos. Such logos are usually built inside a crest because crests and will mostly be set against a white background with purple text. However, if you want to use yellow text, it will not jump out against a white background, therefore, in that case, it is better to go for a purple background.


Here are some more examples of purple logos:


Pale yellow lion face inside purple shield logo


Yellow purple lion logo


Yellow purple crown logo

5. Represents Boldness And Confidence


Yellow football with purple wordmark

Purple and yellow also represent boldness and confidence. This is primarily because of the effect of yellow. Yellow is known as a bold and cheerful color. It is a color of optimism, confidence, and assurance. When it is set against purple, it adds the authoritative power of purple. This is why sports teams also use it in their logos. Notice how the Lakers logo is different from the Kings logo. There is no crest or emblem, instead, the yellow basketball is used as background for purple text. The purple of the yellow ball is to draw the eye, while the purple nails the eye at the center. This combination also provides great visibility at night time and daytime.


Here are some more examples:


Yellow purple abstract logo design


Yellow purple logo design


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