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Recruitment Service Logo Lessons from 5 Companies

Online recruitment, also known as e-recruitment is the practice of hiring individuals using the internet. This process is much faster and many companies and recruitment agencies are shifting their recruitment processes online to make them more efficient. Online databases and forums have made it easier for employers to post jobs and employees to find them. Gone are the days when referrals and vacancy advertisements were the only way to recruit or get recruited. The World Wide Web has given employers and employees the chance to connect freely and expansively.

The benefits of recruitment websites are plenty - they are faster and make the recruitment process more organized - giving recruitment service companies the opportunity to grow. Considering how the internet has taken over a lot of our tasks such as shopping and communicating, growth is inevitable for recruitment service companies if they take on the online identity. If you are already in the field of providing recruitment services or are planning to start, think about your company in terms of being online. Create a service with a unique branding and launch it online to gain the most out of your business. The importance of offline recruitment companies is still alive but online services are gradually picking up and can bring in lots of success if done properly.

When creating an identity for any service, creating a graphic brand design is the place to start because they get your thought process going and make you think about your company in detail. Owing to all the competition online, your recruitment service brand identity needs to be spectacular enough to grab the attention of employers and employees alike. Yes, that is a hard thing to do because they are two separate entities class="lazy" altogether. Let's start by taking a look at some online recruitment services and their brand identities and see what you can learn from them:


Webrecruit, was established in 2001 and now has offices in the UK, Ireland and North America. The company specializes in online recruitment, targeted recruitment, staffing solutions, resourcing, managed services recruitment and much more. What I like about this brand graphic is how it depicts hope and optimism through the use of butterflies, but still manages to look professional. The use of butterflies is normally associated with brand icons for services related to women but this logo designer uses them without making it look feminine in any way. Hope is the perfect trait to denote a recruitment service brand identity because that's what it is for most employers and job seekers - a ray of hope that they will be able to find the perfect match.

Webrecruit Logo PNG


Clearly a unique name, the service did not quite require an illustrated symbol due to its eccentricity. I think this was a good choice and perhaps the reason why the icon attracts employers and job seeking individuals at the same time. The brand graphic adapts a professional identity through its clean and formal look but manages to attract easygoing individuals though it has an unconventional and creative name. Well played by the Monster team! Makes sense why they have some of the world's biggest companies as their clients.


The recruitment process is all about creating the right match, so the use of three connecting jigsaw puzzle pieces seem like the perfect choice for this recruitment service brand graphic. I love it. It's professional, it's colorful and it sums up what the company does with the use of an image. The image also goes really well with the tagline of the company which is "making the right connection". Established in 1994 YourRecruit prides itself on being an effective online recruitment service at a more competitive fee than other online services. I think the company can pride itself on a good logo with all its vitals in place as well!

Blue Octopus

This one pleasantly surprised me as it goes one step further than the "monster" logo I reviewed above. I love the creativity that this brand symbol projects even though it is an extremely unconventional path to take for recruitment service branding. The thing is, I think it fits in perfectly with the company description which is "an honest online recruitment company with a difference". A company with a difference indeed!

Recruitment Revolution

The colors and font in this brand graphic make it look like clouds in a sky - signifying hope and optimism once again. In fact you need to see a snapshot of the entire website where it is featured to see what this logo is all about.

I loved this website the moment I saw it. And I love how the brand identity has been designed to seamlessly fit into the web layout. I don't doubt for a single second, the website's claim of being UK's number 1 online recruitment agency since 2005.

So that's how online recruitment agencies are building their brand image through creative yet professional logos. They make the task of appealing to two completely different kinds of individuals look so easy. I hope you were able to learn a thing or two from this post and will now be able to create exciting recruitment service logos.

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