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Illustrative agriculture and farm logos


It is said that agriculture and farming form the part of a faceless industry. Why? Well, even though their products can be found at grocery stores, you rarely come across the farmers who are responsible for the products you see on store shelves.

A farm and agriculture logo is essentially the public image of a business. Designing an effective one is vital to the success of any land business which is producing quality products.

Formula for an Eye-catching Logo

Farming businesses revolve around sustaining life and providing fresh produce for nutrition. Because brand identities need to reflect just that, you need to present your company as a trustworthy producer of what nature has to offer.

In this industry, brand images should squarely represent a farming business as health-conscious, caring and wholesome. Consumers usually don’t get to learn about farming practices or the farmers who are working hard to get the products to them. This is why they will look at your business’s branding image to get an impression of how credible you are.

Families are looking for that trust factor before anything else.

Identifying Your Audience

The general approach to creating an attractive agricultural and farming logo is the same as any other. However, you need to carefully consider the market that’s going to purchase your product, since you will be creating a design that speaks to them exclusively.

For instance, a dairy producing business will zero in on everyday families. So it would need to position itself to be perceived as nurturing and warm. A tractor distribution or manufacturing firm on the other hand, would focus their energy on attracting other farmers. In this case, the company would have a design that boasts both performance and professionalism.

agricultural business logo
slaughterhouse illustration for cattle farm logo design contest
farmhouse and field illustration for agriculture logo
leaf Indoor farm logo design

Coming up with Industry-specific Logos

Farming industries often bring a sense of nostalgia to many people, particularly those living in urban neighborhoods. This is the reason why businesses operating in these areas can really capitalize on their gains by making proper use of this advantage. A good idea for such a business is to use rural life symbols in their brand image. Think of tools like pitchforks and tractors, friendly animals and natural imagery such as trees and open fields. These are recommended because they can strike a chord with your audience and capture their imagination.

Images are traditionally preferred in this industry because consumers should be able to easily relate to your business. Special care and attention must be given to selecting these images and accompanying text because you don’t want to be looked at as uninspired or ancient in your design. Instead, you want to separate yourself from your competitors by having a unique brand identity.

Agriculture Logo Samples

Hire a professional designer who has gone through the paces and you’ll be saving plenty of time, energy and money down the line.

The agriculture and farming industry is quite diverse. You'll see businesses going with logos that tell you a thing or two about their niche. Vegetable and fruit farms use images of their particular produce in the agriculture business identity. Dairy farms usually have

Fruit Farm Logos

Understanding How Colors Fill in the Gaps

Companies in this industry are in a way, a product of mother earth so it pays to use earthy color tones in your brand image. Generally, here’s how customers perceive colors when it comes to farm and agriculture brand identities:

  • Green projects feelings of refreshment, balance and harmony. It is also tied to peace and environmental awareness.
  • Orange promotes warmth, security, restfulness, abundance and food.
  • Brown triggers emotions related to reliability, support and seriousness.
  • Yellow is a popular choice for conveying optimism, friendliness, creativity, self-esteem and confidence.

No matter what colors you choose, you need to make sure that there is adequate contrast between the images, lettering and background. None of the elements should lose their essence but rather stand out individually to complement the entire farm and agriculture brand image.

For instance, consider logos that have a white background. Black or red lettering and images are easy to understand while yellow elements can be difficult to make out. In such situations, the right amount of contrast needs to be used to make it easy to recognize, especially when you have to reduce it in size.

Branding Your Identity with Appropriate Fonts

Agricultural and farming businesses have to work much harder to create brand awareness as opposed to established household names in other industries. This is crucial because customers should be able to link your business with what they see.

Even though there are companies that prefer leaving out overly flashy visuals and sticking to a name, may bring immediate focus to what you’re calling the business but may not attract much attention. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right typeface.

Font Based Agriculture and Farm Logos

A slogan can tell a thing or two about your organization’s values and products so keep it short, readable and memorable as you may need to reproduce your logo on brand materials of all sizes.

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge, it’s time to consult a professional logo artist who can translate your vision into a timeless brand identity. Leaving the finer details to a seasoned expert will give you plenty of time to focus on other aspects of your business.

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