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water grass sun mountain trees flat vector for directory logo
magnifying glass directory logo design
Letter H with swoosh O N with house windows for directory company logo
elephant with buildings magnifying glass house concept for directory logo design contest

The Elements for Designing Perfect Business Directory Logos

Design Elements

A business directory logo can have both text and elements to give the right feel. The elements most commonly used in business directories logos are a microscope, abstract buildings, keys, a water drop, laurel leaves, abstract alphabets, etc. The idea is to make your business directory logo as striking and meaningful as possible.

Ideal Fonts

The text of the business directory logos can be both italic as well as bold. It depends upon the type of audience the logo is serving to. Most commonly used fonts in business directory logos are Garamond, Didot, Futura, Univers, Rockwell, Helvetica, ITC Lublin Graph, Frutiger, FF Meta, etc. Business directories also exist in print form and therefore, the logo must be designed to match the feel of the print medium as well.

Color Selection

The colors usually used in the majority of the business directory logos depict reliability and assurance such as blue, white, orange, pink, green, white, red, etc. Striking colors are used to make the business recognizable amongst competitors and come off as a reliable entity. Since business directory logos are usually placed on websites, stationery, directory journals, and similar small prints, they must be designed in a way that it suits the medium well and conveys the message properly.

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