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Bathe Simple

Bathing made Simple

Contest Holder bbjohn1

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Project: Bathe Simple
Contest Launched: Jun 2, 2015
Selected: 1 winning design from 91 concepts
Winning Design by: FuturisticDesign
Close Date: Jun 8, 2015

Bathe Simple - Hospitality Industry

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Bathing made Simple Complete Web Design Solution  Draft # 45 by lovers


Bathing made Simple Complete Web Design Solution  Draft # 44 by lovers


Bathing made Simple Complete Web Design Solution  Draft # 43 by lovers

Creative Brief

Bathe Simple

Bathing made Simple

Hospitality Industry

Bathe Simple is a new company that specializes in bath tubs for people that need to be able to walk into the bath tub or needs a movable bathtub solutions. Bathe Simple specialized in walk in tubs from Heavanly walkin tubs. These products are found at http://portablewalkintub.com/. Any of the information on portable walk in tubs is fine to use.

We are trying to attract the baby boomer era of people that need to be able to have a bathing solution that is Safe, affordable and the ability to walk in a tub.

Want our website to look a lot like http://www.us.kohler.com/us/. Clean, Visual and easy to Navigate. Especially the part under Discover the possibilities. Click on the Plus sign and and tells you about what you are looking at.

We want a major focus to be on the PORTABLE walk in tub option. Where you can move the tub and that it doesnt need to be built into your bathroom.

http://www.premiercarebathing.com/ Give a good example of the target market we are going after. But we feel the website is dated. Like the look of the kholer website better.

We will have Financing options.

Competitors would be....http://utahwalkintubcompany.com/, portablewalkintub.com,








I will add comments along the way to help with design and upload the logo files.

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  • June 3, 2015 11:18 AM
    avatar bbjohn1
    Project Holder
    For everyone that contributes. Here is a little more about the 2 websites that I like and why. #1 www.signaturehardware.com/

    I like the very clean, simple and visual design. Multiple large images scroll through. The next section allows them to go to the two major options. Instead of shower heads we would have Portable walk in tubs, and instead of wicker funiture we would have Walk in tubs. (difference being one is movable with wheels and the other is built into the bathroom.

    Below that the new arrivals section is great with the multiple small options of images that when clicked on it shows that image and then variations of that image below the larger image.

    The look and feel of this specific website is perfect if it had a little more of the White blue and silver of our color scheme. This is the closest one to what we like.

    Website #2.


    Also very image. Under Discover the possibilities it has the plus buttons that tell you more about what you are looking at on the image in front of you with a pop out when you mouse over. Again very appealing.

    Hope this helps.


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