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Emergency Flip Chart Edit/ Upgrade

Sexify my flipchart please!!!

Contest Holder Riskology

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Project: Emergency Flip Chart Edit/ Upgrade
Industry: Emergency Services
Contest Launched: Nov 1, 2013
Selected: 1 winning design from 3 concepts
Winning Design by: unresolve
Close Date: Nov 17, 2013

Emergency Flip Chart Edit/ Upgrade - Emergency Services

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Creative Brief

Emergency Flip Chart Edit/ Upgrade

Sexify my flipchart please!!!

I have an emergency flip chart that has been drafted, but the graphic designer did not do what I asked, so I need a redesign of it. I'd like the front cover to look similar to the front header of smallbusinessbigmarketing.com.au - cartoonish - but the cartoon to resemble myself (will enclose photos). The rest of the flip chart pages to be slightly more polished.

Emergency Services

Corporate, although with the cool/ creative edge.

Redesign of flip chart - ready to be sent to the printers with all the relevant information on page thickness etc that the printer will require.

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  • November 5, 2013 6:54 PM
    avatar Riskology
    Project Holder
    Excellent! Love it. Ready to finalise the project so thank you for all your hard work. Just a few small things.

    Could you take off my photo and the circle behind it.

    Change Frst Aid to First Aid

    Take out 'be safe not sorry' and replace with enquiries 0401 485 321.

    How did you go with the other pages, are they needed to be changed? My email address is sarahjane@riskologyconsulting.com.au if you'd like to send them through.

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  • November 1, 2013 10:18 PM
    avatar Riskology
    Project Holder
    Also, please have a look at the other pages on the flip chart, including the calander that sits at the bottom of the flip chart and make amendments to tie in the theme - this needs only to be very minor changes.

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  • November 1, 2013 10:16 PM
    avatar Riskology
    Project Holder
    I am now getting a illustrated cartoon of myself - so this will replace the photo. It will be ready in 5 days - this will need to be added once I receive it.

    It's hard to see the green in the logo - move logo.

    Under the title 'emergency procedures' under the crane include 'emergencies 000' which is the emergency number in Australia to call.

    Remove www.riskology.com
    Remove 'be safe not sorry'

    Replace all writing down below to include - arranged to look nice:

    PO Box 23
    Telarah NSW 2320

    - safety management systems
    - accredited auditing
    - legislative gap analysis
    - asbestos audits
    - safety culture

    - first aid
    - HSR 5 day committee course
    - committees
    - fire warden/ evac drills
    - manager/ supervisor responsibilities
    - legislative due diligence
    - manual handling
    - ergonomics
    - risk management
    - investigations
    - armed hold ups
    - asbestos awareness/ demolition
    - cert IV workplace health & safety
    - responsible service alcohol
    - responsible gaming services

    Find Riskology on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Itunes (include the logos of each)

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  • November 1, 2013 3:01 AM
    Achiver Achiver
    No attachments!
    Please upload the relevant material.

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