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Graphic for Bad Ass Music Business Course

The Best Music Business Course on the Web

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Project: Graphic for Bad Ass Music Busines ...
Industry: Entertainment Logo
Contest Launched: Feb 13, 2015
Selected: 1 winning design from 18 concepts
Winning Design by: bavas
Close Date: Mar 04, 2015

Graphic for Bad Ass Music Business Course - Entertainment

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Creative Brief

Graphic for Bad Ass Music Business Course

The Best Music Business Course on the Web

We've launched an online interactive set of videos to teach the music business. It is for aspiring musicians and business professionals that want to learn about the real music business. The product is over 150 videos, transcriptions, quiz questions, and accompanying supplemental video materials. The host/ star of the series was the manager for the rock and roll band INCUBUS for 17 years and is a long time executive of the record business. Currently, he is the host of our internet talk show "Renman LIVE" where we've had over 100 videos with the most successful people in the music business both artists and professionals. The show is where entertainment, education, mentoring, and the entertainment business collide. We need an official graphic for our course that we can post around social media, post to our website, and embody the attitude, message and spirit of our course. For inspiration, check out our website for the course: The graphic should communicate that this is "not your typical course". Why is that? Because we take a specific approach to teaching the music business by learning from people who have been there and done that. Going out and trying to make something happen and learning from experienced people in the business is the best way to learn the music business. Imagine being someone who is serious about making a career in the music business seeing this graphic. Or the parent of an aspiring musician. It should inspire you to want to sign up. It should tell you that "wow, this guy really looks like he knows what he's talking about I want to learn more about this course." As you can kind of tell in this creative brief, we work in a fun, loose atmosphere but we always strive to maintain a quality, professional edge. I encourage you to take that same style and try to put it in the graphic! Think: Van Halen, the rolling stones, and Rock and Roll. Title of the Course: Insider's Guide to Today's Music Business Subtitle: The real music business from a real music business professional somewhere on the page write: with Steve "Renman" Rennie


Aspiring rock stars, aspiring managers of rock bands, people dreaming of doing something big in the music business, guitarists, DJs, Producers... It's a combination of creative people and business people with an entertainment, show-business flare.

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