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entertainment and amusement park logos


There are a very few businesses that are as image-driven as the entertainment and amusement park industry. After all, most entertainment businesses aim to have a nation-wide or even regional presence. This means you need to get a professional logo design that's easily identifiable.

The graphic representation of your company is something that has to work well with clients and do justice to your company's niche. Entertainment businesses can range from film and production houses to theme-related amusement and recreational parks. Your design is what conveys the character and specialty of your business.

Extending the Right Image

Logos are a great way of communicating the nature of your business. An image is not just an image; it speaks volumes and has the ability to grab hold the attention of prospective and existing clients. Entertainment and amusement park images must look and feel entertaining. However, a design that has very little to do with entertainment and excitement or your core business, results in poor branding. It must never be disconnected from the general premise of the business.

When it comes to entertainment in the form of theme and amusement parks, family-friendly fun is what your company brand identity needs to project.

Here are some design and art concepts of the most celebrated theme and amusement parks in the entertainment industry today.

Adventure Park Logos

Lose Yourself in the Aquatic World

Observe the splashes and water waves in each logo. These also happen to be the main attraction here. The newsy font is used while being slightly curved or straight forward. Immediately, you get a friendly feeling as you take in a sense of factuality. The blue works great for the ocean-themed attractions. The yellow is "happy" and sunny while adding appropriate contrast. The green gives you a feeling of relaxation, a recipe for success.

Water Park Logos

Dare to Experience the Thrills

This logo is a testament to how seamlessly a theme park can integrate with its parent brand. The famous earth logo of Universal Studios is intact, along with appropriate wording.Even though it retains the terrestrial image of the original logo, it is unique in its own right and is a complete design success.

Famous Entertainment Park Logos

Legoland Park logo
Universal Parks and Resorts logo PNG
Walt Disney World Logo PNG

Constructive Stress Reliever

The thick writing, combined with the square used in this amusement and theme park design relates well to the cube-like shapes of Lego blocks. Notice how the N is designed to appear as a mast, from which a rather serious square flag bears the Lego logo. The red and black are an ideal choice and attract attention immediately, especially people who are familiar with Lego. Let's be honest here, who isn't? An informal font is used to spell out park, which is exactly how Lego fans are - laid back.

Every Child's Dream Come True

Disneyland was the first theme park that came into existence, and introduced a world of the brand's experience. The wordings, which have been recently changed, make use of a classic font that is according to fairy tales and royalty. Cinderella's castle still sits at the center and the top is seen coming out almost majestically from the clouds. The tagline coupled with the light blue induces you into a dream-like state and strongly suggests that you need to be here to make your dreams come true. Disney theme park logo is not the only one which enjoys dominance in brand memorability. Check out these other ones too.

A higher Level

This design is perfect for a theme park that actually sits right at the top of a skyscraper in Las Vegas. The park's name is written in a scrawling and dynamic style - one that depicts danger. Located in one of the most famous cities in the US, the white, red and blue color scheme is ideal for this "extreme" attraction.

As Kids See It

Located inside a large and busy mall, the beloved orange Nickelodeon design ties in well with the popular kids' television channel. The thick and green "Universe" lettering in bold is quite relevant here. The stars and the sun bathe in a sea of green which suggests an 'other worldly' experience for children of all ages and families everywhere.

That's Not All Folks!

The Six Flags art design is in use by a number of theme park logos all over the US, so a versatile identity was needed. A tall order indeed, but look how well this design fits the bill. The Six Flags identify the company's central image - vibrant elementary colors that are suggestive of nothing but fun. The triangular-shaped flag stands out, which also has one of the flags being used to dot the 'I' following the 'S'. The words in this logo are well balanced because you have an inviting and friendly image of Bugs Bunny, the brand mascot, running gleefully towards the image.

Leave the Serious Work to the Pros

Your entertainment and amusement park art design is going to appear on a number of materials like, printed materials apparel, online and promotional product designs. So you're going to need an entertainment image that simply looks stunning at first sight. Achieving this level of visual gimmickry is something best left to a seasoned graphics and logo designer.

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