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Logo for a Real Estate Team

Lyman and Denise Jenkins Real Estate Team

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Project: Logo for a Real Estate Team
Industry: Real Estate Logo
Contest Launched: Jan 23, 2014
Selected: 1 winning design from 108 concepts
Winning Design by: rooster
Close Date: Jan 29, 2014

Logo for a Real Estate Team - Real Estate

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Creative Brief

Logo for a Real Estate Team

Lyman and Denise Jenkins Real Estate Team

We may or may not use this "Because Integrity is Key"


We, Lyman and Denise (husband and wife team), want to appear elegantly professional, competent...and yet fun, outgoing, and personable. Here's what we really want to convey: our past clients trust us, love us...and often times become lifelong friends or almost family. We want these clients to see our logo and see warmth and remember the passion we had for our jobs and for our integrity in representing them and/or their family members. It needs to be soft or warm feeling of remembering. To new clients that don't know us and are not a referral from a past client, we want them to see our logo and think that we look welcoming and sophisticated. I think a combination of both can be done...I just don't know how to do it:) We do not concentrate on any particular age or generation when we sell homes...we don't want to appeal to only old people or only young. We are in our 30's and have been selling real estate for just over 10 years. We are experienced realtors, and want people to see this or have this perception (but do not want to seem old...we want to seem distinguished and experienced and able to bring great things to ALL ages and all cultures).

Real Estate

Abstract Mark
Abstract Mark



Probably Black and Gold (metallic gold). However, we are still open to color options. Black is a "must" that needs to be in our logo..simply because our business photo of us (on our business cards/marketing pieces) is black and white and we want the colors to go good with our photo. We like black and white or gold or silver. For example, our wedding was even black/white/silver. Very classic and elegant. We do like earth tones


We did have the tagline of "because integrity is key" in our former market material. We had an ornate, elegant (old-fashioned) key image with this tagline. We may or may not want to use this tagline (we still like it) but needs to be part of our logo and isn't "part" of our logo currently. We also like old street lamps (pretty ones of course) and brickstone brick backdrops, and intricate designs (whether it be backdrop or incorporated into fonts). The font needs to be legible. We do like combination of fonts...or even Bold and not bold. I hope this helps. Thank you so much in advance, and I will upload our business black and white photo once this is active.

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