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logo for domestic relations mediator/attorney

Rizer Mediation

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Project: logo for domestic relations media ...
Industry: Law Logo
Contest Launched: May 26, 2015
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Winning Design by: jogdesigner
Close Date: Jun 05, 2015

logo for domestic relations mediator/attorney - Law

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logo for domestic relations mediator/attorney

Rizer Mediation


I have been an attorney since 1992. I graduated from the University of Michigan in 1989 and Wayne State University Law School in 1992. I specialize in research and appellate brief writing. I became a domestic relations mediator in 2013. I have decided to focus on marketing myself as a domestic relations mediator and see if I can create a business just mediating. I am able to mediate entire divorce cases or one or more issues that come up during divorce such as property settlement, child custody, child support, parenting time agreements, spousal support, finances, and tax and legal issues. I can also mediate issues that come up after a divorce such as modifying parenting time agreements, child support and spousal support. Mediation is a voluntary, private process where couples have the opportunity to be heard, share different points of view, brainstorm options, and negotiate a mutual agreement that meets everyone's needs. Mediation is for couples who agree and those that have existing differences. A mediator facilitates communication, points out issues that need to be resolved and promotes voluntary decision making. Parties are empowered to retain control of decision making as they work together to design their own resolution. Parties "tell their stories," and then the mediator assists the parties in identifying and clarifying the issues in dispute, generating options for resolution, reality-testing the various options, and assisting the parties in crafting a settlement statement. Mediators ask effective questions to generate and evaluate a full-range of options. Mediators help the parties identify strengths and weaknesses of their case to make informed decisions. Mediators identify resources parties might need in order to make decisions. When issues are resolved, the mediator will draft a memorandum of agreement which the parties may review and give to their attorneys for legal review. An attorney will then draw up a formal settlement agreement and the divorce will go through the courts as an uncontested divorce. Mediation allows a couple to create their own divorce agreement and reduces the adverse affects of divorce on children. Mediator is less expensive and less time consuming. Mediation is private and avoids the public display of private issues. Mediation provides a neutral environment where couples can vent feelings and discuss concerns and options openly. Mediation encourages post-divorce cooperation.


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