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Logo for Real Estate company

Edward W Langel Realtors

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Project: Logo for Real Estate company
Industry: Real Estate Logo
Contest Launched: Feb 21, 2015
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Winning Design by: pay323
Close Date: Mar 04, 2015

Logo for Real Estate company - Real Estate

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Logo for Real Estate company

Edward W Langel Realtors


I am looking for something that is consistent with the major real estate companies (remax, Berkshire Hathaway, long and foster, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker) so potential customers will recognize that we are a real estate company but would also like to stand out so can build a brand. Our current mission statement is " To build a community focused real estate organization, that focuses on being a leader in real estate listings, including foreclosures, while expanding the Edward W Langel brand through the lower bucks county area through increased listings, targeted mailings, and listing branding."

Real Estate


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Not sure if we want a symbol and the name or if we should use the initials as the symbol then the name, we are really open to anything creative. The business has been around for about 60 years and hasn't done any business in years. Now that I have been tasked with building the business it starts with rebranding, a logo that can go on a for sale sign, stationary, business cards and a design that represents luxury and refinement but Isn't too much that the sign would look out of place in front of a lower end house in Philadelphia. I would also like the logo and sign to be consistent with other agency signs or to piggy back ( a little - not to much) off their colors or layout so (or to be in the ballpark) drivers will know it's a real estate sign. The "realtors" in the name can be less prominent then the name

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  • February 22, 2015 8:37 AM
    Bmf7421 Bmf7421
      Project Holder
    Our biggest marketing tool is the real estate lawn sign out front of a house ..... any logo or brand would need to be easily added to a sign and easily readable by someone driving by. Then the logo snd name would also need to be easily incorporated on stationary. (That is our 2 biggest priorities that the logo would look good on both) The most important though is the sign. We use 2 signs 30" wide by 18" high and and a hanging sign that is 24" wide by 30" high. The 30x18 layout would typically be FOR SALE at the top followed by agents name MICHAEL PARK and right below that is his number (215) 555-5555 and at the bottom is the company name and next to it the number small EDWARD W. LANGEL REALTORS (215) 444-4444 FOR SALE Logo. Micheal Park (215) 555-5555 EDWARD W. LANGEL REALTORS. (215) 444-4444 For the 24x30 layout it is FOR SALE at top again then company and logo followed by agent and his number and the bottom would have EDWARD W. LANGEL REALTORS and phone number FOR SALE LOGO MICHAEL PARK (215) 444-4444 EDWARD W. LANGEL REALTORS (215) 555-5555 If you Google some of the signs it will give you an idea of what people expect to see when a house is for sale .... the most popular in our area is Re/max signs, Re/max collection signs, berkshire hathaway signs, long and foster signs So any logo would need to keep this in consideration

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