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Marketing Software Home Page Design


Contest Holder isebox

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Project: Marketing Software Home Page Design
Industry: Software
Contest Launched: May 4, 2015
Selected: 1 winning design from 57 concepts
Winning Design by: jogdesigner
Close Date: May 13, 2015

Marketing Software Home Page Design - Software

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Creative Brief

Marketing Software Home Page Design




ISEBOX is revolutionizing the way public relations professionals manage multimedia content for press releases and global campaigns. Our cloud based platform makes it easy to create a microsite that can display and distribute your video, photos, audio and documents to your media contacts in formats that can be that can be easily viewed and downloaded. ISEBOX is mobile responsive, socially enabled and provides rich analytics. ISEBOX is also the only global platform that can be translated in up to 10 languages with the click of a button.
One of the most critical features of ISEBOX is the ability to learn how to use the platform in 30 minutes, giving you complete control of content distribution and the ability to make up to the minute changes. Our analytics also track WHO has downloaded the content along with on page metrics, social media tracking and embed video analytics.

How is ISEBOX used?
-Multimedia News Release (MNR)
-Media Kits
-Product Launches
-Content Storage (video, photos, documents)
-Event Content Distribution

Clean, White space, modern

High Tech

Lime Green (see hex colors below)


White/ Black

left side




Want a scrolling home page.

Logo Colors:
Reg: 141 Green: 198 Blue: 63

Hue: 60 Saturation: 138 Luminosity: 131

HEX CODE: #8DC63F (original)
#88CC44 (websafe)

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  • May 11, 2015 8:32 AM
    avatar isebox
    Project Holder
    Feedback on #50:
    General feedback: ISEBOX is always in all caps.
    1) Move the testimonial up in to the top banner (below the "read more" button- properly centered). No need to have the word "Testimonials".
    2) Below that, have our client logos. No need to have the "our clients include" text, or the line with diamonds.
    3) If needed, make the top banner (with the background photo) a little larger to fit the testimonials and logos
    4) Next section is good
    5) In "How ISEBOX is Used" (capitalize the "U") - No lined needed between text and graphic
    - Change "Media Kit" for "Media Rooms"
    6) Make "What's the Problem" - NOT all caps. No lined needed between text and graphic
    7) change the green "how isebox helps you" to a "Newsletter Registration" button.
    8) Change "As Seen In" - NOT all caps; No lined needed between text and graphic

    Send me a message with questions.

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  • May 8, 2015 1:27 PM
    avatar isebox
    Project Holder
    Continuing from last comments:
    7) Then Have "As Seen in" with the logos from Forbes.com, etc (I like the style from #9) 8) Then below Remove "multiwire" logo at the bottom

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  • May 8, 2015 1:25 PM
    avatar isebox
    Project Holder
    Hi - here is feedback going top to bottom on the page: General: A) The top navigation should match the current isebox.com navigation B) We want to go with the grey/black/white style like you have in #3 and #8 1) Lets go with banner style and copy from #17 (with background image from #30) 1a) In the computer/phone/ipad graphic- lets remove the laptop (too many devices)- if you can, looking at the Michelin screenshot, can you include the photos on the ipad and desktop like you can see on the iphone (basically show more of the image) 2) Next on page we want the testimonial from Michelle Dionne. We like the style with her headshot in a circle. But this doesn't need to take up much space. 3) Next on page have the "Our clients include" with their logos. Again, don't give too much room. 4) Next on page, have the "ISEBOX Makes it Simple to" text on the left, with the lead form on the right. 5) Next have "How is ISEBOX Used icons" - (i like the icons from #30) 6) Have the "problems" on left and video on right - (I like the round icons you have with the problems, but you'll need to stack the 'problem' text vertically, not horizontally) 7) Have "As Seen in"

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  • May 5, 2015 2:33 PM
    avatar isebox
    Project Holder
    Can we have the screenshot at the top level and video on 2nd level?

    I love the screenshot on the laptop, can we have adjoining same michelin screenshot on ipad and iphone- showing that ISEBOX is mobile resposive? Loving these so far. Great job.

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  • May 4, 2015 2:06 PM
    avatar isebox
    Project Holder
    I've added all the content and logos/designs that you may need in to the project. Send me a note if you need anything else.

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  • May 4, 2015 10:52 AM
    avatar isebox
    Project Holder
    Additional Project Notes:
    · All logos for ISEBOX and MultiWire, colors, etc. can be taken from files at this link: https://isebox.egnyte.com/fl/cVB7JYduaT
    · Preferred font is that of existing website (Open Sans)
    - Logos for Forbes.com, PR Week and PR Daily can be grabbed from Google Images or their website
    - Designer can use their vision for icons.
    - Please message me or add notes if you need more design elements or have questions.

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