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Project Sign

Delonix Homes

Contest Holder daryldelonix

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Project: Project Sign
Industry: Construction
Contest Launched: Feb 25, 2014
Selected: 1 winning design from 43 concepts
Winning Design by: DJJOHN
Close Date: Mar 10, 2014

Project Sign - Construction

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Delonix Homes Other  Draft # 41 by DJJOHN

Creative Brief

Project Sign

Delonix Homes

We are looking for a new "Project sign" design for each of our new projects.
We initially ran a contest for our new logo and were very pleased with all the ideas that came through. We ultimately selected a design that we felt fit every aspect of our objectives. Although we are extremely happy with the logo, for the site signs, we feel that for these signs there is something missing in the sign. It would look a bit empty without something to fill the space. Delonix Homes is a custom and spec home builder. We need successful branding in our market place as it is essential in separating our niche from the competition. Our approach to each home is always reaching a step above the rest.
What we are looking for is a prominent sign that we will place in front of each and every new home project to help identify that this is a Delonix Home. As with our initial brief for the logo, our site sign will embody a sense of "Elegance and Class" yet portray "Strength and Integrity". It must relay a sense of premium style and prestige, as our target market is established professionals who can appreciate quality. We are not interested in Flashy or Trendy ideas. We are searching for a timeless and professional design. Our logo as attached will be the main portion of the design, and the colours and feel must flow together. After completion the signs will be framed in premium Western Red Cedar and be approx 4' x 3' (or larger pending site) and sit about 12" off the ground. Landscape or portrait is fine. We are not looking to include any other colours in this sign as, we want the attention to the logo "Delonix Homes"
Some initial thoughts for direction might be: a set of house plans faded out in a portion of the back ground with the logo off center to the top left, a pencil sketch of an elegant home, an elegant way to incorporate the letter "D" in the background, however it does not have to be house related. What we do not want is a simple roof line, or anything that will detract from the actual logo.
We will be attaching 2 logos of our associations and our contact phone number and web site to the bottom of the design. They are attached or noted in the requirements


Professional home builders

Professional, timeless, strong yet elegant, prestigious.
Contact phone # 306.341.2184
Web site: www.delonixhomes.com (yet to be launched)

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  • February 26, 2014 9:21 AM
    avatar daryldelonix
    Project Holder
    We have had some designers ask about the Western red Cedar portion and the size. Sorry for the confusion. Dont worry about the Western red cedar part we will do that after on our end.
    the size will be approx 4 feet by 3 feet or 1.2m x .9m
    phone, website and the 2 other logos that are attached in the file. (Progressive home warranty and Home builders Ass) These 2 logos will be smaller and possibly at the bottom of the design. here is an example of how the bottom logos might fit in to the design https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=643268955732637&set=a.602366323156234.1073741843.119310058128532&type=1&theater
    The sign is a poor example of what we are looking for but hope that helps.

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  • February 26, 2014 7:12 AM
    avatar daryldelonix
    Project Holder
    Please read through the "brief". We already have a logo design. What we are looking for is a project sign that incorporates our existing logo. Thank you.

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