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Social Media Banner Design (for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn) based on current website.

Agents of Efficiency

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Project: Social Media Banner Design (for F ...
Contest Launched: Sep 01, 2014
Selected: 1 winning design from 22 concepts
Winning Design by: pivotal
Close Date: Sep 02, 2014

Social Media Banner Design (for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn) based on current website. - Corporate Services

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Creative Brief

Social Media Banner Design (for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn) based on current website.

Agents of Efficiency

I just need a banner designed for use on our company's various social media sites (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn). The design of the banner should be based on, and wholly consistent with, our existing website and marketing materials. Our website is, and I will try and attach a digital brochure to this competition if I can figure out how.

Corporate Services

Small business owners of companies with 5-50 employees. Specifically, small business owners in that demographic who are time starved, hungry for improvement, value their time fairly highly, and feel that all of the the boring, repetitive, day-to-day stuff that has to be done to keep the business from flying off the rails (bookkeeping, accounting, hr, it, etc... back-office management crap) is distracting them from their passion and core competency, and hurting both them and their business as a result.

Final deliverable should include all layered editable files for me to tweak as I see fit later... and should be provided in sizes appropriate for all 4 major social network sites: (1) Facebook, (2) Google+, (3) LinkedIn, and (4) Twitter.

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  • September 02, 2014 8:46 AM
    JECrawford JECrawford
      Project Holder
    Oh, one final comment. For me to consider drafts 3-6 the selection of people needs to be more diverse... I don't want 3 men in there. I would want to swap out the green man with a woman. Also, there's a disembodied arm on the right-side of the image behind the blue chevron arrow that looks awkward... that would need to be removed so all you can see is the guy dancing and his office complex... no random arms of other people. But, again, drafts 15-18 are currently my favorite - at least compared to the other drafts in their current form (at the very least for all the reasons mentioned in this and my last comment)... and I really don't have any comments for those drafts (15-18)... I don't know how to improve on them. I really love them.

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  • September 02, 2014 8:40 AM
    JECrawford JECrawford
      Project Holder
    I'm eliminating drafts 7-10, and drafts 19-22 for the same reasons. First, I don't like the pictures of the people you chose for those drafts as much as I do some others. Second, I don't like how the picture sits exclusively behind the arrows / grey & white chevron. What I like much more is the overlap (and the pictures of the people) in drafts 15-18... that series is DEFINITELY in the right direction. I LOVE THESE. I'm on the fence about drafts 3-6 and 11-14. I really like how you played with my colored chevron to bring those colors into the graphics via a transparent overlay... but it comes across a little "busier" then drafts 15-18. I'm all about minimalist, simple, clean design... after all, that's what we exist to do - take very complex stuff and make it simple for our clients. So that's why I've rated these a little lower than drafts 15-18. For now. In fact, the only reason drafts 11-14 are rated even lower than drafts 3-6 right now is because drafts 11-14 are overly complicated in their present form. I actually think I like the main picture and overall concept a little better than drafts 3-6, but I do NOT like (1) the website URL on the left side of the image/header, and (2) the chevron that's pointing upwards on the right side of the image/header... those two elements should both be removed.

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